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Help me help myself – Online Yard Sale #1

April 18, 2017

(As I detailed in my post earlier today, I’m unemployed through no doing of my own.  I’ve been coasting on money I had saved up, and my ‘severance pay’, but money’s getting VERY tight.

I’ve filed for unemployment (“ReEmployment Assistance” in Florida) and waiting for that to get approved.  In the meantime, money is getting tighter and tighter.  Even with unemployment, I’ll need extra money to catch up on bills.

I’ll be posting stuff on Amazon and eBay to sell (and will link to my listings on my blog when that happens), but I’m hoping to generate some quicker cash by selling a bunch of DVDs and Blu Rays.

(Additionally, I won’t turn away any kindness.  If you’ve ever appreciated me for any reason, admired the work I did at the shelter, or want to give me an early birthday/Xmas present, or the like, any generosity would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve always tried to throw a few bucks someone’s way when they needed it, so hoping karma is good to me.  You can use this link to PayPal me whatever like.)

The list below is mostly complete; if I find anything else, I’ll edit this post to include them.

Many of the items are in great condition; some of the DVDs’ cases are shelfworn.  To the best of my knowledge, every disc plays fine.  There’s no money back guarantee, though – this isn’t b/c I’m trying to screw people, this is just practical.  Consider this like a yard sale.

Here’s how we’ll do this; if you see something you want, email me at  Use the subject line ONLINE YARD SALE.  Tell me the items and tell me your shipping zip code.  I’ll use that to figure the shipping cost and then reply with an email for the total.  (I won’t charge for handling/packing, just the cost of the discs and the shipping.)  You Paypal me the money and once it clears, I send the discs (obviously, I’ll need your address.)

A few are listed as sealed; this means they’re still sealed and never watched.  A few are listed as unsealed, this means they came unsealed but have never been watched, or maybe watched once?

Items are first come, first served; I ask that you not inquire if you aren’t able to send the money in short fashion.  I’m kinda in need of funds.

Any questions?  Email me, tag me on Twitter, or hit up my Google+ page (or the actual post if that’s how you found out about this.)

041817 dvds for sale

EDIT – JUNE 17: As I’m starting a (temp-to-hire) job in two days, I’m pulling the ONLINE YARD SALE posts.  If this job doesn’t work out, then I’ll likely revisit them.  (Additionally, I will be selling some stuff, not all that I had listed, on eBay – you can find my listings here – currently none but there will be some later in June – as I still need to catch up on debt accrued during my unemployment.)

A big thanks to everyone who purchased items from me and those who signal boosted.  I made several hundred dollars through this, and that helped with the bill payments BIG TIME.



25 Years Ago Today – The Challenger explosion

January 28, 2011

Tuesday, January 28th, 1986

It was a school day and I was in 10th grade. It was my lunch break. For whatever reason (I don’t recall) all my regular lunch buddies were doing something, so I lunched by myself. I decided to head to my next class, Spanish III, early. As I was walking to the main building complex, I noticed a couple people looking up in the sky, and remembered, “Oh, yeah, today’s the shuttle launch.”

It was the 25th Shuttle launch and it wasn’t as exciting any more. Maybe we were taking it for granted… and maybe that reflects upon what happened to the shuttle. But, I digress.

So, I stopped and looked up, and saw the contrail of white smoke arcing up in in the air, and my eyes followed it, and just as I ‘caught up’ to the shuttle (which at the distance from my school, the shuttle was just a bright dot of flame at the ‘end’ of the plume of smoke), there was a flicker and a sudden ‘poof’ of smoke. The side rockets spiraled off out of control and as I saw this, I said out loud, “That’s not good.”

I don’t know how long I stood there – seconds or a minute or longer, I can’t tell you. I was numb and could not believe what I’d just seen. next thing I know, I hear my name being screamed from one of the nearby portable classrooms – “Terrence! Get your fucking ass in here!”

It was Coach Matson, my sixth period Health class teacher. Coach Matson was rough and tumble, six foot plus, easily 280-300 pounds of bald tough guy. I don’t recall what team he was a coach on – football, probably. Anyhow, when Coach Matson curses at you to get your ass in his classroom, you don’t argue, you don’t even dawdle.

He had his tv on the live coverage of the shuttle launch. “Sit down and pay attention,” he barked, and I did. And we (he, myself, Tommy H, and a couple other kids I didn’t know) watched in stunned silence as they showed the footage over and over. They talked of looking for survivors (I think everyone was stunned so much that they weren’t processig what REALLY happened.)

Eventually, Coach Matson dismissed us, as lunch was going to be over soon and we had to get to our classes. I still arrived at Mrs. Davis’ classroom before anyone else had, and she didn’t have the tv on. I asked her if she had heard what happened and she hadn’t. She turned on the tv. (Later, she told me that she’d always remember me – she still remembered the person who told her that JFK had been killed, and she felt that she’d remember me for that same reason.)
Needless to say, we didn’t get any school work done the rest of the day. (Or, really, for the next day, either.)

This was my youth’s JFK moment. To this day, it still resonates, it still burns. I don’t have any special insight, just memories, painful, hurt memories. When the 2003 Columbia disaster happened, it felt like it was the Challenger all over again. What we were promised, and believed, would never happen, could never happen again, did happen.

The Orlando Sentinel newspaper had two cartoon tributes the next day, which I have below. I have a print of the one with the shuttle releasing the doves framed and hanging on my wall. I’ll be using the constellation as my social media avatars for the next couple days in remembrance. I encourage you to do as well.

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National One Hit Wonder Day

September 25, 2010
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Apparently, that’s today. So, to “celebrate”, here’s one of my favourite one hit wonders.

When in Rome’s, “The Promise”

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Cthulhu pitching after shave?

September 15, 2010
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This is some funny shit.

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Fourth of July fireworks

July 6, 2010
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Here’s a minute or so of the fireworks, as seen from my front step. I generally sit inside, with the front door open, every July 4th and Dec 31st and watch from the comfort of my office chair.

The Orangutan and the Hound (Sounds like a Disney movie…)

April 16, 2010
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Okay, I’m a big animal lover, so I’m a sucker for stories like this. But this is really damn cute.

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