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Online Yard Sale #2 – Game night! #PS4 #tabletop #roleplaying | April 28, 2017

(This is the 2nd “Online Yard Sale” post.  The first one has blu rays and DVDs, you can find them here.  Short version, I’m unemployed and need help paying bills, so I’m selling my stuff.  Please share this post with your friends/social networks who might be interested in buying.)

Today’s OYS post is about games.  A couple Playstation 4 games, a couple board games and a BUNCH of roleplaying games/sourcebooks.  Just as described in the first OYS post, if you’re interested, email me at TERRYFL@GMAIL.COM with the subject ONLINE YARD SALE and let me know what items you’d like.  I’ll let you know the total, including shipping.  (There’s no return policy, sorry – I’m not trying to rip anyone off, but I need to get the cash and spend it on bills.  If you have any questions about an item, contact me.)  I take funds via PayPal.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

BOARD GAMES (all are new, unplayed, cards/etc still sealed/intact)

Burgle Bros (Fowers Games, 2015) $25
Don’t Turn Your Back (Evil Hat, 2015) $25
Kill Shakespeare (IDW Games, 2014) $20


ABZU (dynamic theme already redeemed) $15
Tales from the Borderlands (sealed) $9
WWE 2k15 $8


Condition 1: Very little to no shelf wear

The Sixth Gun RPG bundle (Savage Worlds) $50
(HC game/hc screen/SC companion/cards of the 6/SC winding way)
Black Sword: Pursuit of the White Wolf $13
Book of Props – Mind’s Eye Theatre $3
Cyclopedia Talislanta VI: Desert Kingdoms $8
Deadlands Noir HC (Pinnacle, 2013) $22
Gear Krieg (minatures gamebook HC) $5
Giovanni Chronicles I: Last Supper $8
Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & Fire $6
Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia $5
Home Front (Cyberpunk AR adv) $5
Hunter Book: Martyr $8
Laws of the Night – Mind’s Eye Theatre $2
L5R: The Way of Shadow $10
Orphan’s Survival Guide $6
Outcasts $4
Rage: Warriors of the Apocalypse $5
Rage Across New York $4
Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer Edition SC $8
Seventh Seal (RPG/Screen/Adv) $15
The Strange HC (Monte Cook Games, 2014) $40
Tales of Magick: Dark Adventures $8
Technocracy: Iteration X $6
Traveller Core Rulebook HC (Mongoose, 2014) $25
Verbena tradition book $4
Who’s Who: Garou Saga (2 copies) $3
Wild Talents 1st ed HC (Arc Dream, 2006) $15
The World of Darkness HC (White Wolf, 2004) $12 (has bookplate inside front cover)

Condition II: Moderate to signifcant shelf wear/possible cover damage

AD&D Battle System (box beat up, complete? Pieces) $20
Ascension’s Right Hand $3
Book of Storyteller Secrets (2 copies) $5
Book of the Wyrm $3
Buried Secrets (Wraith) $8
Children of Gaia $5
Cyclopedia Talislanta 2: 7 Kingdoms $5
Dungeon Master’s Guide (3rd ed) $5
Giovanni Chronicles I: Last Supper $6
Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & Fire $4
Gypsies $4
Harlequin’s Back $6
Hidden Lore (book and screen) $3
Horizon: The Stronghold of Hope $3
Houses of Hermes $3
Initiates of the Art $3
Inqusition (2 copies) $4
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes $3
Loom of Fate $3
Mummy 2nd edition $3
Shadowrun 1st ed HC (some discolouration) $10
Shadowtech $2
Spirit Ways (M:tA) $8
Street Samurai Catalog (2nd ed) $2
Storyteller’s Handbook $1
Talislanta: Submen Rising $10
Verbena tradition book $2
Ways of the Wolf: Lupus Sourcebook $3



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