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Fighting Depression #13 – Owning it. | March 13, 2017

I’m not remotely in the right frame of mind to do a catch-up post on the last week.

This week has been good at times and hell for me, at others.

I’m ok.

I’m more than ok.  I owned it.

I had to deal with something, something that’s a part of the repercussions for actions and choices I made in the past.  This isn’t anything new.

But, I was afraid.  I was afraid that a slight little thing might bite me in the ass.  And, this past weekend, that fear ate away at me.  It got me fairly worked up.

Or, perhaps I allowed it.  But I didn’t allow it, I fought that fear with logic with rational thinking, arguing the anxiety with facts.

I won’t say I won, but the fear didn’t win either.

Today, I went and did the thing and there wasn’t any apocalypse.  Everything seems to be ok.  Everything I feared, it didn’t happen.

To be fair, there’s a little voice in the back of my head saying, “Just because nothing happened today…” but I’m not letting it get to me.

I owned that bitch today.

And, then, because I deserved it, I took myself out to lunch at Honeybaked Ham.  I had me a delicious lunch and came home.  See that beauty?

031317 honeybaked ham

That’s a Tavern Club sandwich, oatmeal raisin cookie, tropical fruit salad and half mango/half sweet tea.

Tomorrow, I intend to get a post recapping the good stuff that happened this week.

As always, thanks for reading along.


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