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Fighting Depression #12 – Ups and Down | March 8, 2017

Been another six days since my last post in this series.  Since then, been kinda busy some days, been super slacky some days.

Last Thursday, I treated myself to seeing DOCTOR STRANGE on the big screen at the $2 Theatre – you can read my post and my thoughts about it here.  It was a decent day, started the day with yard work and video gaming and coffee, the afternoon was movie and Burger King, then the evening was mostly chilling at home.

I was still hurting from the super-physical days doing the volunteering for the parking (best detailed in the link to my last post), so I haven’t been to the gym yet.  Honestly, it wasn’t until this past Sunday, one whole week later, that I was able to walk without limping/favouring my left foot.  I intend to make it to the gym tomorrow or Friday for my first visit, and then get into a regular schedule, three or four days a week.  (I’ll have to start slow/easy and work up to things.)

Trying to think what I’ve done these past few days – I know yesterday I basically sat on my ass and played NO MAN’S SKY all day.  Did a little (very little) housework here and there, took Smiley for a couple walks, and that’s really about it.  Oh, watched S1E9 of EMERALD CITY (still liking it, have my doubts whether it’ll get renewed.  I know the next episode is the end of season one, so hopefully we’ll hear soon – and hopefully it’ll be picked up for a second season.  I think it has a lot of potential.)

I’ve watched a few movies, read some books, just nothing really exciting going on.  Did a grocery run in there.

Today, I’ve been pretty productive.  Got up on the roof and cleared off some branches that had fallen during Hurricane Matthew in October.  I need to get up there with my blower and get all the leaves off, but that’s a project for another day.

Also, this happened today, so that’s kinda exciting:


What is so exciting about this, you ask?  The washer is brand new, got delivered today.

Story time…

I haven’t had a (working) washer/dryer in my house since… I wanna say 2003.  When I bought the house in Nov 2000, my uncle Roy and my father came over and put in wiring for a dryer.  I got one of those stackable washer/dryer combos (still in my back laundry room – the pic you see is in the back ‘patio’) and used it for several years.

I don’t recall exactly when, but I know by 2004, I was using a laundromat.  In March 2003, my father died, so it was probably some time after that the wiring burned out.  Instead of having someone come look at it, I just started using laundromats or other people’s washer/dryers.

For the past almost six years, I was doing my laundry at the shelter.  So, when I got fired in January, that stopped.  I did a laundromat run, and felt that I could save money by getting a small apartment/portable washer and dryer for the house.

So, I did.  The dryer, pictured above, is a 2.65 cubit feet Panda portable 110v dryer that I bought through Amazon.  I needed a 110v unit, cuz no working 220v wiring, and this is great – it’s small and it takes a lot longer to do a load than a full size, but it works well.

I’d also originally bought a Panda Counter Top Small Portable Compact Washing Machine (10 lbs Capacity)  to go with it.  This isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have a spin feature, so the clothes are REALLY wet when you take them out – way wetter than that little dryer can handle in remotely a reasonable amount of time.  Seriously, it took 4-5 hours to dry four shirts.

So, I bought a laundry drying rack.  The only issue with this is that I have no real clear sunshine in the back yard (too many trees), so I have to stick it out in the driveway to get the sun.  And, while I’ve been doing that for a month now, I’m not all that keen on it.  (Basically, I’d wash the clothes, wring them out, put them on the drying rack, and then, after an hour or so, throw them in the dryer with a fabric softener cloth to finish the job.)

The other issue is that the small washer just doesn’t do a good rinse.  I’d empty the water out, fill again, run a rinse cycle, and it’d be soapy afterwards.  Empty/fill/rinse again, and still so.  Reduce the amount of laundry soap even further, and still soapy.  So I’d have to hose off the laundry after taking out of the washer.  (And, beyond it being an inconvenience and using just as much, if not more, water than a full-size washer, I have to be careful because I have allergies to all sorts of chemicals – I buy the free and clear version of laundry soap, but even if there’s soap residue dried in, my skin can react poorly.)

So, long story short (too late), I bit the bullet and got a proper washer.  Delivered earlier today, I installed it myself, and I’ve run two loads (a small load of shirts/underwear, now currently in the dryer) and a floor mat (which is too heavy when wet for the little dryer, period, so it’s on the laundry rack drying in the sun.)

Feels good to have a more proper set up in the house.  I still want to get a better dryer, but that’s for down the road.  (I want to get a natural gas one, as I have natural gas for the house – my water heater runs off it.  But, again, that’s not going to happen any time soon.)

Anyhow, going to do some dishes and then I think I’ve earned some sit down and gaming time.

As always, I thank you for reading.



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