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Fighting Depression #9 – Yesterday was a big day… | February 19, 2017

So, yesterday was a big day.  I mean, nothing “special”, at least not monumental, but still.

First, Friday.

Did some housework, played some No Man’s Sky, watched some telly.  Ran to the library, returned movies, picked up movies.

Got ready for Saturday.  Physically (planned what to take in a cooler for snacking, put back brace and knee brace and some pills and a poncho and a windbreaker in my backpack) and mentally (again, kinda big step, so was rather nerve-wracking.)

Went to bed a little early for me, tossed and turned, finally was asleep by 2am.

Got up at 8:30am, showered, dressed, walked Smiley.  I was leaving at 10:30am, and I knew it would be 6:30-7pm before I got home, so she would be stuck indoors all day.

Had a morning coffee, and had planned to eat breakfast, but was too nervous to handle that.  Even went through the motions of throwing up a couple times (hugging the toilet, retching violently, but nothing came up), b/c that’s how I roll.

Yay, depression (and, yes, likely other issues.)

Time came to get ready to go, gave Smiley and kitties some treats, took some pills and headed out.  Swung by library to drop off a movie, then headed out to D’s property to leave me car there and ride with her out to Daytona.

(Recap: D is a volunteer at the shelter I used to work at, known her from there for almost six years.  Past four years, she’s been running a fundraising effort at her work, using their parking lots to provide parking for the race fans during Speedweeks in February, and the summer races round the 4th of July.  They charge $10 a day for parking, $20 if people want overnight or to reserve a spot, and the money gets donated to four charities – The West Volusia Humane Society, The Salvation Army, Daytona Rescue Mission and Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  I called her Monday to see if she needed any helpers, since I knew from previous years she always needed help, and she said yes.  Saturday was the first day.)

Got to her place, we headed out to Daytona.

It was fun.  I met a couple of her friends, we talked a lot (this was first actual social occasion I’ve had in five weeks-plus, outside of signing up at the new gym in Deltona and talking to people at stores while shopping/checking out, and of course, online), interacted with the public.

The day was a little slow; the weather reports had been ominous about rain (everything’s so melodramatic in the news any more, even chance of rain is WATCH OUT FOR THE RAIN!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!1!1!1!!!!!!!!ONE!!!!!!JUAN!!!!!UNO!!!!!ICH!!!!!), and this wasn’t one of the BIG DAYS (those are going to be Thurs, Sun and possibly Saturday coming up, all three of which I’ve already committed to helping out with.)  But, D wanted me out there on a slower day to get a feel for things, see the set up, etc.

It didn’t rain, it spit a few times, it sprinkled once or twice.  We got there about 11:30am, left at 5:45ish.  Drove back to her place, I made a point to say hello to Bunny, my former coworker (she still works at the shelter) who rents an apartment from D on the property, and then went home to walk and feed Smiley.

Rest of the night was uneventful, made pizza and tater tots for dinner, watched a movie, read a litle, went to bed.

Today, I’m a little achy from all the standing and moving around I did yesterday, bit more than I have done since being unemployed.  Gonna meet up with D when she goes out to get groceries, as I left my backpack and cooler in her truck, grab some groceries myself, and then back home to do some stuff around the house and otherwise chill.


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