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Fighting Depression #7 – kind of a big step? | February 13, 2017

So, took a step today, one that I’d been planning on for days, and been putting off b/c, well, depression.

Called D, a volunteer at the shelter (that I used to work at and got fired for no apparent reason), to find out if she needed assistance parking cars for the Speedweeks in Daytona.

The company she works at (and is an executive of some sort, been working there for 30+ years) is pretty much across the street from the Daytona Speedway.  Her company takes time off for a good chunk of the Speedweeks (as many business in the area do that don’t rely on the tourism) and they use the parking lots there to charge for parking for the race fans and generate money for a handful of charities.  (I know many businesses in the area do use their parking lots to provide parking-for-pay to the race fans, but I don’t know if many of them donate the money or not.)

So, called her this morning, knowing she’d be unlikely to answer as she was at work, and left a voicemail on her phone, saying I was calling to touch base since we hadn’t spoken since I was fired, as well as to inquire whether she needed assistance for the car parking.

She called back today, to confirm that she did, and she’d be more than happy to have me help them, and we went over the days (there’s five total they do this, she thinks they’ll need me for at least three of the five, if not more.)  Four days next week (Thurs-Sun) and this coming Saturday.

So, plans are made, I’ll be meeting her at her place and then riding over with her, saving me the gas.

This will be the first ‘social’ thing I’ve done since getting fired, outside of going to the shelter to get my personal possessions, get my last paycheck/severance pay, and drop off some paperwork of the shelter’s and other stuff I had at home.  (That’ll be five weeks on Thursday.)

Other than that, my only real social interaction has been talking to people at stores I go to, talking to the people when I signed up at the gym, and online interactions.

Yay, depression.

But, this will be a good thing.  I’m feeling a bit anxious about it, but I’ve committed to Saturday and told her I’m available for as many days as they need me.

Other than that, I ran to the library, dropped off a couple movies, picked up a couple more.  Took items I was returning to Amazon to the post office.  Did laundry.  Played video games, watched tv, walked my dog, did some minor housework.

Dinner was yummy: vegetable/tri-colour rotini, meatballs, spinach florentine red sauce, garlic bread.  It was pretty, see?



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