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Fighting Depression #5 – a hit and miss day | February 10, 2017

Woke up this morning, hurting from the previous two days’ activity, but in a good mood.  It was in the 40s during the night, and I always sleep better/rest better when it’s cool outside.

Knew today was going to be a fairly lax day, again because of the state of my back.  (For those new, I have scoliosis, and regularly deal with back issues as a result.)

So, I made myself a short little list of things to do:


Short and sweet, right?  No problem to bang all this out, right?


That list was generated, oh, about 11am.  (Yeah, I actually was up and out of bed by 10:15am!)

It’s 9:35pm, and here’s the updated list…



Yeah, the library/water run was done first thing, and I was home about 12:30pm.  (Picked up a handful of movies at the library.)

Laundry didn’t happen because I was waiting on the drying rack to be delivered… which got here about 7pm.  That’s okay, it’ll happen tomorrow.

I’m actually in the process of organising my desks while I watch WWN STYLE BATTLE S1E2 on FloSlam.  Grocery list was done throughout the day, adding stuff as I thought of it.  Gotta return an item to Amazon (defective) and need to box it up and all today so I can drop it off at post office tomorrow during the grocery run.

Watched the final two episodes of season one of ONCE UPON A TIME.  I really dug how it ended.  There were a couple predictable/obvious events and a couple not so much.  REALLY curious to see where season two goes.

So, today wasn’t a super-duper-productive day like the previous two, which I wasn’t expecting in the first place.

(This is post #5 of the ongoing FIGHTING DEPRESSION series.  Thanks for reading.)


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