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Fighting Depression #4 – Two days of boo-yah! | February 9, 2017

By now I would’ve normally posted #4, covering yesterday (Feb 8th).  That was my plan.  I got up about 11am (well, got up shortly after 8am, maybe 5 hours of sleep, starving.  Ate something and went back to bed.)  After taking Smiley for a walk, I brewed a cup of coffee and sat down to load up something to stream/watch (probably S1E21 of Once Upon a Time), only to discover my internet was misbehaving.

After tinkering with it, to no avail, I called Spectrum (they’ll always be Bright House to me, especially since they still have BH logos on their trucks) and they told me that they could get a guy out between 4-6pm.

I’d planned on a relatively lax day, because of yesterday.  So, let me backtrack and tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I got up about 10:30am, had a nice breakfast and coffee (without internet issues) and took Smiley for a walk, and then I set about being productive.  I bundled up two large stacks of branches and collected two 39 gallon/lawn & leaf bags of small yard debris.

This, of course, was quite taxing on my back.  Once that was done, I took a shower and had lunch, and then my portable clothes washer was delivered, so I started doing some laundry!  (Yeah, I know, but this is exciting to me.)

Rest of the day was watching tv, movie (Adventures of Robin Hood, which I hadn’t seen in years.  Still love it), playing video games and doing laundry.  Oh, yeah, dinner (thawed out some of my homemade venison chili, cooked up some mac n cheese and mixed it together) and taking Smiley for walks.

So, today, I wake up in a good deal of pain, figuring it’s going to be a lazy-ish day to recuperate.

No.  Because of the Spectrum guy coming over to address my internet issues, I have to clean the living room.  It’s a fucking mess.  I really wish I’d taken a before pic and an after, because, my god, it looks ten times better.  First off, I’d not vacuumed the carpet in WEEKS.

Yay, depression.

So, I vacuumed the fuck out of that carpet.  I moved things, organised, stacked things.  The living room is OPEN now.  The cats are laying the center of the floor, saying, “Yeah, you need to keep it this way.”

And my back doesn’t feel horrible, either… so I’m grateful for that.

But, yeah, I’m feeling good about the stuff I got done the past two days.  Tonight, watching some free wrestling PPVs on Fite TV, watching a movie, maybe some telly.  Making burgers for dinner.

Tomorrow, I need to run to the library; have to return some movies and pick up two movies I have on reservation.  Some more laundry (having the smaller units, it takes a lot longer to do laundry, and it’d been several weeks since I’d been to the laundromat.)

Thanks to those of you who are reading along.  This is post #4 of the Fighting Depression series of posts, something I’m doing to help account/keep track of how I’m doing from day to day, and hopefully share my journey.


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