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Why Marvel Is Going About Doctor Strange All Wrong… | October 20, 2014

(Yeah, I know, I’m just a wannabe writer who thinks he knows better than a highly successful multimedia conglomerate run by one of the biggest companies ever.  Still, that’s what the internet is all about, right?)

So, apparently, a Doctor Strange movie is in the works.  I saw a headline about actors being considered for the role of Stephen Strange – Benedict Cumberbatch, Joaquin Phoenix, Colin Farrell and Keanu Reeves.  (The first and last I think are not good choices for the role, the middle two would be decent if they were going for a grittier feel, which I really don’t expect.)


They’re doing it wrong.

DOCTOR STRANGE should start as a tv show.  (I know, I know, everyone thinks movies.  Big money.  Star power – though, to be fair, we’re seeing a new golden age of star power in tv shows lately.)  It shouldn’t be a movie, not at first.

The story of Stephen Strange is one of redemption.  That’s what makes it an interesting story.  Redemption and growth and maturation.

See, I’m not a big fan of “Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth”.  He’s the most powerful sorcerer on Earth already.

Whoop de doo.

Now, what interests me is the story of him becoming that.

See, Stephen Strange is a dick.  He’s a pompous, self-centered, highly skilled surgeon.  And he knows it.  He knows he’s great looking and desirable and successful and wealthy.  He’s all about the $$$ and the high falutin’ lifestyle and fast cars and faster women and booze and drugs and whatnot.

Then, after being in a car accident, he loses his ability to operate, spends all his savings, ends up homeless and then goes searching for help, eventually going to Tibet to find The Ancient One, who takes him on as a pupil and teaches him sorcery, so he can become Earth’s defender against mystical dangers.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great first season to a tv show.  A show that could run 2-3 seasons, then end, leading into a series of movies.

Start small.  The first season would lead us to Tibet and end with Stephen becoming The Ancient One’s disciple.  It’d probably work best as an eight episode season, maybe ten or thirteen tops.  The first episode ends with the car crash.  The second one shows his becoming desperate, trying to find a fix for his hands, blowing money traveling the world finding specialists, consulting… then maybe trying illegal treatments.

The third, maybe fourth episode, he ends up in Tibet.  Then the rest of the series, proving himself to The Ancient One, facing his inner demons, and some outer ones, too.  And the first season ends with some hope.  Maybe we’d have introduced the idea that the car accident was set in motion by otherworldly forces, trying to kill him off, so he would never realise his true potential… or, with my usual plot twisty flair, I’d make him think that was the reason, but in reality, someone (The Ancient One?  One of his peers?) actually influenced events so it would happen so he would end up seeking out The Ancient One and becoming a disciple.

Baron Mordo would feature heavily in the tv show; his rivalry as a fellow disciple of The Ancient One would start in the first season, bleeding over into the second where he becomes the main adversary for Stephen.

The show would end (after a couple-three seasons), with Stephen ascending to the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme, and then that would lead to a series of movies with some major plots of interdimensional forces, the sort of thing you can do with the big budget of a major studio movie.

At least, that’s how I’d do it.



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