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A little help from my friends, followers, acquaintances, etc… | March 19, 2014


Damn, this is a hard post to write.  Well, the post itself isn’t hard, but the plea.

I’ve had a really rough patch and my finances are really, really fucked right now.  My car is waiting to go into the shop (yes, it’s been broken down for a week, I’ve let depression and health issues get the best of me and I dropped the ball.  The car is supposed to be picked up tomorrow so they can look at it.)

I’ve had to rent a car and while I was lucky that I had money in my savings account that helped me do that, it’s pretty much tapped me out.

I have boxes of books that I keep meaning to list on Amazon and/or eBay, like I did the year I was unemployed.  But… see, that damn depression makes it fucking hard to get things done sometimes.  So, I haven’t.  And while I will do so shortly, I need help more immediately than that will likely provide.

So, I’m asking those of you out there who know me, follow me, read my occasional writing, followed by Doctor Who blog, appreciate that I’m working for minimum wage for a no-kill non-profit animal shelter, or generally think I’m a cool guy… if you can help me out.

If you want it to be a loan, where I have to pay you back by a certain time, email/dm/msg/txt me and we’ll talk details.  I have no objections to this, I just would have to hash out some terms.

If you want, call it a belated 44th or early 45th birthday present (Monday was the halfway point.  When I was a little kid, I honestly thought the fact that March 17th was a big deal was because it was my half birthday.  As I got older, I knew it wasn’t the case, but pretended I still believed it so, to make my younger brother jealous.  He got jealous, so much so that my Mom made him a half birthday cake one year.)  Or a belated Xmas present,  Or a St Patrick’s Day gift.  Or whatever.

But I really need some help paying my other bills/buying food, since I’d tapped out what I had in the bank.  I’ve got enough to pay my insurance and my phone bill, both happening in the next couple days, and then after that… my next paycheck isn’t for ten days, and I’m still behind on everything.  (Don’t worry about mah critters – they’re provided for.  I’d starve before I let them starve.)

So, if you are inclined to help (hey, I hate myself for having to do this… trust me), the easiest way is PayPal.  My email for that (as well as for emailing me, if you need to) is  If you’d rather send a check or whatever, again, please contact me and we’ll sort that out.

(Also, if you’re a comic collector and think I might own something you’re interested in, hit me up with a wishlist of titles and/or issues.  I’d happily sell you some cheap as a way for this not to be me mooching off you.)


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