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Movies/etc watched in January | February 3, 2014

  1. Jack Reacher – (1/6/14) – A good action/thriller, excellent cast, good story, an enjoyable flick. (Netflix)

  2. Logan’s Run – (1/6/14) – Haven’t seen this in fifteen-plus years. Used to be a fave in my teens/early twenties, let’s see how it holds up. (Amazon Prime)

  3. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011 US) – (uncertain) – It’s been a couple years since I’ve watched the original, so I can’t REALLY compare it to this one. But I’m not one of those who insists on remakes being exact copies; in fact, I prefer there to be differences. I did like that they didn’t change the setting of the film. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara own their roles and do justice to the source material, I felt. I’ll definitely watch the next one when it comes out. (Amazon)

  4. Devil’s Pass – (uncertain) – I really enjoyed it; a horror movie about a group of students who retrace the path of the Dylatov expedition. Done as a “found footage” style, which is make or break for a lot of people, but I dug this one. (Netflix)

  5. Casablanca – (uncertain) – One of my all time favourites, it’s one of the few movies I watch about once a year. If I had to pick a perfect movie, I’d be hard pressed to find one that outshines this one. (Amazon Prime)

  6. The Iron Lady – (uncertain) – this film should have been much better. It wasn’t bad, but it seemed to be lacking something. Streep’s performance was most excellent, and everyone else seemed to do well (especially Broadbent, who I’ve never seen do anything but a great job), but it just seemed lacking. I think it would have worked better as a BBC/HBO/PBS style miniseries. (Netflix)

  7. Red Dawn – (1/19/14) – Decent popcorn flick. I gather a lot of people are hard on it… considering the original was nothing more than a decent popcorn flick, I’m not sure why. (Netflix)

  8. Evolve 26 – (1/20/14) – Wrestling show from Jan 11, in Orlando. I’m so kicking myself for not going to see this in person. A great set of matches with some really talented wrestlers. Indie wrestling is where my heart is at. (WWNLive)

  9. Sherlock S3E1 “The Empty Hearse” – (1/20/14) – Fun, fun, fun. I love how this show just continually excels. (PBS Roku)

  10. Little Shop of Horrors (1986) – (1/24/14) – A classic that I revisit at least every couple years. So many great actors and performances and wonderful songs. Much fun. (Amazon Prime)

  11. Battlestar Galactica (1978) – (1/27/14) – The movie release of the pilot episode for the show; pretty sure I’ve not seen this particular release, and it’s been EONS (yes, literally) since I’ve seen the early episodes of the show. So, technically a rewatch, but at the same time, may as well call it new… it was fun. Corny as hell, but still fun. (Ultraviolet)

  12. Evolve 27 – (1/27/14) – From Jacksonvile, FL, on Jan 12th, 2014. Third of a three day weekend of events in the sunshine state. Another excellent show with great matches and a fantastic quality of video. (WWNLive)

  13. Sherlock S3E2 – (1/28/14) – Another excellent chapter in the tale of John, Sherlock and Mary.  (PBS Roku channel)

 Best movie watched is Casablanca, hands down.  Best new to me movie, the Dragon Tattoo remake.  No bad viewings this month.  List may be incomplete as I’m out of the habit of keeping track.


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