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Thoughts on 2013 | December 31, 2013

I started to do a personal year in review post, but damn, that’s some depressing shit.  The short of it is – depression is kicking my ass.  Bad.  

So, some of the cooler things of 2013, in no particular order:

  • I got to see two Chikara shows live and in person, in Tampa and Orlando.  Chikara is my new favourite wrestling federation (though, currently “out of commission” as part of a storyline) and going to see them live in their first ever visit to Florida was a big deal for me. I even stayed over night in Tampa, got a hotel room, and visited my parents’ graves at the Florida National Cemetery in Brooksville on the way back from Tampa on Saturday.
  • Two new players joined my BORN OF BLOOD role-playing campaign, which is going pretty well.  We lost one of the original two, so their joining about a month before he left was great timing.  And it looks like we’ll have a fourth (fifth?) player joining early next year. 
  • Some really good entertainment out there.  Comics wise, the big three for me are:
  1. The conclusion of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s LOCKE & KEY.  Wow, what a fantastic story.  It started in 2008, I came aboard in 2011, got caught up and then decided to wait until the last seven issues (five of OMEGA and two of ALPHA) were released before reading them.  In fact, I re-read the first five series before reading the last two.  Fantastic.
  2. Dan Slott’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN.  This is the best thing Marvel comics has put out in decades.  Seriously.  Doc Ock swapped bodies with Spider-Man and Doc’s body died.  So, the Spider-Man body houses the mind of Otto Octavius and he’s become a super-hero now.  This description doesn’t remotely do it justice; I assure you, it is amazing and phenomenal.
  3. Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s The Private Eye.  A digital-only comic, pay what you want.  They’re expecting it to run ten issues, number five just came out.  Most excellent. 
  • Saw some really good movies; notably, AMERICAN MARY, THOR: THE DARK WORLD, RIDDICK, THE GREAT GATSBY, GRAVITY, IRON MAN 3, MAN OF STEEL, MAMA, EUROPA REPORT are the ones that come to mind that I enjoyed the most that were released this year.  
  • I watched a lot of good movies this year, just not released this year.  I used to keep track of the movies I watched each month on this blog, and I think I’m going to start doing that again.
  • Book wise, I read very few books that were released this year.  Again, used to keep better track of them, need to do so again. 
  • Some really good songs I heard from this year, but can’t think of any.  Any motivation I had to find a way to look them up is gone (that’s that nasty depression kicking in, so this post will be ending shortly.)
  • TV wise… some great tv out there, but it all got overshadowed by the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who for me.  
  • Writing… well I finished my Classic Doctor Who viewing and blogging project, so that’s something.  I started a short story but didn’t finish it.  That’s about it for writing, outside of my RPG campaign (see above.)  2014, I do have a plan to do twelve short stories, one each month.  We’ll see how that goes. 

So, yeah, that’s my year.  Hope y’all had a better one than I did.  



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