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Movies watched during January 2012 | February 5, 2012

A lot shorter list than last year, but then I’m watching a lot of Doctor Who for my year long blog project – One Year, 26 Seasons, 7 Doctors – please visit if you’re a Whovian, or share with those who are!

The usual – each movie has a rating (scale out of 10 – 1-3 bad, 4-7 are varying degrees of good, 8-10 are excellent) and a couple lines (pretty non-spoilery) about it.

1) Rare Exports (2010) – 9/10 – 1.2.12 – What a fun movie – not quite a horror, more like a dark fantasy/comedy, the tale of what happens with then real Santa Claus is unearthed in Finland. Dark, violent and twisted, so of course it appealed to me. And the ending is just perfect.
2) The Stone of Destiny (2008) – 7/10 – 1.5 – Cute movie, based on the true story of Scottish nationalists and their plan to steal back the Stone of Destiny from England.
3) The Ledge (2011) – 4/10 – 1.6.12 – Ultimately disappointing; if you’ve seen the preview, you know the entire plot of the entire movie, only the very end isn’t spelled out for you. The scenes of getting there aren’t good enough to make it an enjoyable enough ride. There’s one surprise in there, but still, in the end, it’s a highly disappointing film, considering the cast.
4) Macbeth (2010) – 10/10 – 1.13.12 – Amazing performance, production values, acting, casting, everything. This is Shakespeare done right.
5) What I Want My Words To Do To You (2003) – 10/10 – An amazing documentary on a womens’ prison writing group, using writing as a form of therapy and acceptance of responsibility. And that summation falls flat. Just an amazing, powerful story.
6) In Time (2011) – 7/10 – 1.23.12 – Definitely a popcorn flick, but a lot of fun, just don’t over-analyse it.
7) Office Space (1999) – 10/10 – 1.30.12 – Saw this about a decade ago, haven’t seen it since. Even better than I remembered. Milton and his stapler, man.
8) Mutants (2009) – 6/10 – 1.31.12 – Not bad – more of a biological rage/mutation movie than a zombie movie, but close enough. typical of these movies, main characters make decisions that make it hard for you to sympathise too much with when the shit hits the fan.

Best movie of the month – easily, Macbeth.

Worst movie of the month – sadly, The Ledge; still, as that wasn’t horrible, it was a good month for movies.

Reminder – I’m blogging the original 26 seasons (series as the Brits call ’em) over at One year. 26 seasons. Seven Doctors.  Still on the First Doctor, 21 serials in.  Would love to get some comments/discussion going over there.


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