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The Bestest Boy In The Whole Wide World | January 14, 2012

When I first started working at the shelter, we had a former bait dog named Slim. Slim came to the shelter as a puppy. He was nearly dead, and was not expected to make it through the night. He was a pit bull puppy, I don’t know how old, but not a year, I think somewhere between 3 and 6 months. (He was at the shelter several years before I started there.) My director and her husband took him home and he made it through the night. Every day they’d come to work, they’d bring him with them (and his wounds needed constant tending) and my director’s husband, who is 6′ tall and 380#, would crawl into the not huge kennel and lay down and curl around the puppy as he laid on his blanket, and talk to him and tell him he was loved. To this day, they swear that had Gary not done that, they do not believe Slim would have lived.

Slim never got adopted – he was too unsure around so many people, and there was no way he could be in a house with other dogs. The first day that I worked there, the day I met Slim, he greeted me with such a nasty, furious growl and bark that I thought “now there’s a mean dog”. Later that day, I was scooping feces out of the kennels and I had to do his. I stepped in, prepared to offer him my boot (so that he could attack it and not harm me, while I cleaned up his kennel) and he looked at me with those big eyes, and I said, “Hi, Slim” and his tail started a-wagging so much his whole body was wagging. From that day on we were best of friends. He passed away several years ago, ultimately because of the trauma he’d suffered as a puppy – there was irreparable damage to his organs that shortened his lifespan. He’s buried at the shelter, behind the dog kennels, and we placed a dog house on top that reads ‘Slim’s House’. I still talk to him, when I walk by.

I have a special name or title for each of my favourite critters. Slim’s was “The Bestest Boy In The Whole Wide World”, and he was and always will be. (Gonna go dry my eyes now.)

(This post and thoughts of my Bestest Boy In The Whole Wide World came about after seeing this short video on Duke, a rescued bait dog)



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