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A New Year | January 1, 2012

2012 is here. (100 years until Rush’s only good album. Well, good half an album, if I recall correctly, the first side of the album was the 2112 story, the other side was unrelated. Yes, I’m talking in terms of vinyl. I wonder if Rush will be trending 100 years from now?)

I’m not a happy, sappy, feel-good sorta guy. I’m not happy that it’s a new year – calendars are just arbitrary counting systems – assigning a date or a month or a year to a diurnal period doesn’t mean a damn thing.

However, I’m trying not to let all the negative drag me down as I have recently. I’ve had a mild bit of positive change, and I’m trying to focus more on that, without being stupid, without being blind or kidding myself.

So, it’s a new year – let’s hope it’s a better one.


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