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Help me help myself? (Desperate plea.) | December 13, 2011

Still having trouble paying bills. Still behind on so many. Went 4 days w/o a phone last week b/c it got turned off b/c I couldn’t pay the past-due amount until I got paid. As always, I’m selling books/comics/DVDs on eBay – my custom shortlink, which always takes you to my listings, is – 61 auctions ending today, another 52 tomorrow.

If you know of anyone who wants to buy comics, have them check out my listings OR contact me – I have WAY MORE stuff to sell that’s not listed. If they’re willing to buy directly, not through, eBay, I’m down for that. I have mostly Marvel/DC/indies from the 80s and 90s – some 70s, some 2000s, but not a copious amount. Most VF/NM, and I’m letting them go about 40% of Price Guide value. I think that’s more than fair. (Again, I’m not selling them for fun money, I’m spending them for bills. I can’t even afford to buy stuff for my nephews for Xmas, so probably will just wrap up some comics for them.)

I’m trying to find ways to earn money; I’ve been doing my surveys, pulling in Amazon GCs (which I’ve used on a new cooktop and a new electric kettle, which is why I can’t use them on my nephews) and cash. That usually pulls in about $30-50 a month. (I got lucky and won $200 in a sweepstakes from one, which is great, but I still need to pay my utility bills AND 1.5 mortgage payments this month, so I still need more money.) I’ve been participating in a medical study (allergies), that’s gotten me $50-100 a month (but it’s a couple months on, couple months off sorta deal.) I’m trying to find things I can do for people, but I don’t have handyman skills. If you know of something I can do to earn some money from you, let me know.

I’ll swallow my pride and say, it’s Christmas time, if you were thinking of getting me something for Xmas, how about sending me some money so I can pay some bills? It will go to bills or gas for my car (so I can get to work and back, or to the gym/grocery store/post office, which is pretty much the extent of my travels.) If you want to help me out this way, contact me and I’ll give you my paypal email address. I hate asking for help, but I don’t know what else to do. I’ve filed papers with my mortgage company to pursue refinancing/assistance, depending on whether they decide I’m eligible and for what program, but I still have to make payments in the meantime or they’ll start foreclosure proceedings. (My mortgage payment is currently over $500; I bring home less than $900 from work each month.)

I’m getting desperate.


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