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Movies watched in November 2011 | December 4, 2011

The usual caveat – no spoilers, just the movie and a line or two in review.

219) Intacto (2001) – 7/10 – (11.1) – A slow, but still enjoyable movie – not quite a thriller, though some moments would classify. A psychological drama, perhaps? I liked it, but it is on the slow side and wouldn’t be enjoyable to everyone as such.
220) Sympathy for Mister Vengeance (2002) – (11.6) – 2/10 – Horrible, stupid plotting, stupid characters, ridiculous all around.
221) The Lives of Others (2006) – 11.7 – 8/10 – Most excellent story, belieable characters – pro and antagonists alike.
222) Black Book (2006) – 11.10 – 6/10 – Based on a true story, a very (melo)dramatic account of a young jew’s life in Nazi-occupied Holland.
223) Texas Killing Fields (2011) – (11.13) – 6/10 – What should have been a super-tense movie was just moderately tense. They went for smouldering and got stifled. Excellent performances helped, but still fell short of its potential.
224) Insomnia (1997) – (11.15) – 8/10 – Much better than the American remake, I enjoyed this noir-ish movie.
225) Super (2011) – (11.18) – INC 1/10 – OMG, what a complete waste of time. Horrible.
226) Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) – (11.19) – 10/10 – What a fantastic film – not at all what I expected, and yet so much better than I dared hope for. Wonderful dramatic story, good acting, good sfx.
227) Sucker Punch (2011) – (11.22) – 6/10 – Definitely a popcorn flick, totally a gun/weapon/explosionporn flick. Enjoyable enough, not as bad as I’ve heard from most sources. Nothing anything I’d revisit.
228) Foreign Correspondent (1940) – (11.24) – 7/10 – A fun movie, definitely hokey at times (but endearingly so, for the most part.) Great dialogue, especially the banter between Jones and ffolliott.
229) Throne of Blood (1957) – (11.26) – 9/10 – Holy shit, what a bad ass movie. Loved it. Mifune was over the top in his delivery, and so commanding in his presence… great plot, great dialogue, dramatics. When Kurosawa is firing on all cylinders, you get bad-ass shit like this.
230) The Wave (2008) – (11.30) – 6/10 – Not bad, but not great. There were elements that just seemed obvious, even necessary but yet forced.

Whoa, only 12 movies this month? Bet I missed logging some. Ah well.

Best movie – Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Still amazed at how damn good it was. (Throne of Blood warrants mentioning, too, though. BAD ASS movie. Mifune is monster!!!!)

Worst movie – Super. God, what a complete piece of drek. Couldn’t even finish it.


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