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My moment of violence for the day | December 1, 2011

So, after a great day at the shelter (had help from a volunteer, she was quite helpful, moreso than usual, and stayed longer to help get all the dogs walked today.  In fact, she walked 3/4ths of them as I had to keep stopping to interact with the public.), I was leaving, standing outside the front gate.  I had the padlock off, chain in my hand, closing the gate, when a beat up looking sedan come zooming down the dirt road that we’re located at the end of.  

The fool behind the wheel slams on the brakes, getting very close to hitting my car.  He gets out and demands that I let him in, he needs to get a cat for his wife, it’s her birthday.  I patiently explain that we’ve been closed over an hour (it was like 5:11p and we close at 4p) and, anyways, we don’t do same day adoptions, so he couldn’t have brought one home today even if we were open.

He becomes belligerent, starts cursing at me, and I return in kind.  (I’m off the clock, and even if I had still been on the clock, I don’t get paid enough to suffer abuse.)  He walks towards me, telling me he’s going to kick my ass, I tell him, “Do your best, bitch.”

He takes a wild swing, I duck and… (now, do you remember what I’m holding in my hands?  Yep, this fool swung on someone holding a metal chain.).. wrap the chain around his throat.  I drag him back to his car, choking him with the chain, and calmly say, “Get in your fucking car and get the fuck out of here.  I’m going to take a picture of your license plate and if I ever see you here again, the cops will be called.”  

He got in his car, while I took some pics, and he took the fuck off.  

So, how was YOUR day? 


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