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Help, I fell and I could barely get up! | October 3, 2011

So, I’ve already related this story in the several social media I frequent, and through email, but for those who missed it…

Last night, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I bent over to pick something up and discovered, quite surprisingly, that my lower back was REALLY hurting me. Apparently, I overdid it at work – the weird thing is I still am not 100% sure what did it. I know I kinda strained a shoulder/neck muscle at one point, and that could well be the issue, but I’m not convinced.

I went to bed, hoping I’d feel better in the morning, as I had plans to do yard work, house work, and make a gym run before my late afternoon online gaming. So, to bed I went…

Woke up about 4am, and could not get out of bed. Every time I went to sit up, my back screamed in pain, I gasped in pain and collapsed back on the bed. Finally, after multiple attempts, I managed to get out of bed on my feet. I took several steps and apparently blacked out, as the next thing I knew I was hitting the ground. I lay there, half laughing (cuz it was kinda funny) and have crying (cuz my back was in pain – the falling didn’t do anything, I didn’t injure myself at least) and then struggled to get up.

Finally accomplishing that, I went into the kitchen (gingerly moving) and got something to eat, and then got in bed and internetted a little (I was a bit scared – I’ve never blacked out from pain before, I don’t think… and it was just an unnerving experience – and needed to calm down a bit.) Went back to sleep about an hour or so later and woke up at 9am, feeling much better – still very sore and stiff, but more in the usual realm of “I have scoliosis and overdid it at work so I’m hurting”, as opposed to the high levels of pain (and the blackout) of earlier.

I’m a little concerned about the experience, but am hoping it was an isolated incident and not indicative of a greater issue.


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  1. Please let me know what the doctors say. I’ve been dealing with back issues for over half of my life. I see a chiropractor three times a week, and do yoga at least once a week, and still have days that are nothing but pain. Take care of yourself!

    Comment by Crystal — October 3, 2011 @ 11:04 am

    • There won’t be any doctors – I don’t have insurance and no way to pay for any medical help (can’t even pay all my utilities right now, still juggling which ones I fall behind on at a time.)

      I have pain pretty much every day, as well – and there’s a baseline of pain that I consider to be ‘normal’ and just tune out. (Until I was diagnosed with scoliosis, when I tried to get into the USMC, I thought that everyone woke up and spent most of their days with a modicum of pain.)

      I’m sorry that you have to deal with so much pain, too. 😦

      Comment by Terry — October 3, 2011 @ 12:21 pm

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