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My birthday weekend | September 25, 2011

So, last weekend was my birthday weekend (technically, Saturday was my birthday) – the big 42. I took the day off work, and went and saw Apollo 18 at the Oveido Mall Marketplace 22 theatre. (The movie was good, very creepy and spooky. Great set design, f/x and acting. There’s a plot hole or two, especially considering the device – the “found footage” horror thriller – but if you check your disbelief at the door and enjoy it for what it is – a spooky thriller – it’s a great film.)

For dinner, I went to my fave restaurant, Bellini’s, and grabbed take out – an Italian hero (all the way, hot) and an order of jalapeno poppers. I spent the night at the shelter, as I had to get up early to ferry some cats to Orlando for the CFA Cat Show at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.

Here’s a pic of my bed I set up at the shelter, and the critter who bogarted it the moment I had it set up…

The cat show was really neat – I’d never been to one before. Lots of gorgeous kitties. We had several cats entered in the Household Pets category; I’ll include some pictures of them in the bottom of the post, but I wanted to feature one particular ‘cat’.

We had a table of knick-knacks and items for sale, as a fundraiser for the shelter. One item was a Halloween decoration – a black cat, back arched. Right before we were called before Judge Jody, a lady was at our table, talking to our volunteers, and she bought the decoration. When our cats were called for judging, she followed us to the ring, carrying her ‘cat’.

Each judge has a clerk, and the clerk for Judge Jody took the ‘cat’ and placed it in a cage, as if it were one of the cats in the competition:

Judge Jody, however, could have ignored it. Household Pets is more relaxed, more casual than the breed categories. As such, she ran with it and judged the ‘cat’:

When Judge Jody asked the owner what the cat’s name was, she was given the answer “Stiffy”. By this time, we were all laughing, especially when Judge Jody posed with Stiffy and his ribbon. (The director of the Cat Show even came over and took pictures of our shenanigans.)

Our cats did well and took home many ribbons. The show was fun, but I really had hoped to go on a date for my birthday. 😦

Ah, well. Time for some kitten pics!


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