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Weight loss, exercise and other random musings | September 11, 2011

Hard to believe that six months ago, I was 252 pounds. This is me at 196 pounds (taken less than an hour ago.)

(Yes, that’s a Jinx sticker on my bathroom mirror. I’m a geek, you shouldn’t be surprised.)

Getting back into shape, getting more muscles/definition is making me feel better about myself. This is apparent to others, as I’ve been getting compliments from friends, acquaintances and complete strangers. Just yesterday, one of my volunteers told me that several young women visiting the shelter had been speaking complimentary about “the guy with long hair walking the dogs”.

It’s also making me want to get back into karate or kickboxing (I think they call it MMA these days), or maybe take up boxing. Not that I have the money to afford classes right now, but it’s the yearning I have associated with my getting into better shape.

A Tweep asked me today if I try to get my daily intake as close to my daily limit as possible. No, but most days I do – currently I’m on a 2020 intake (though, extra exertion/exercise allows for me to consume more, which is good.) Tonight, I had lunch at work, came home had some sushi and was still hungry, so had two turkey tacos (mmm, alliteration), and ice cream for dessert, and still could eat 400+ calories and be in my goal for the day.

It’s all about listening to your body. If you’re hungry (and honestly, I don’t buy that “if you think you’re hungry, you’re probably just thirsty” philosophy I’ve had half a dozen peeps and tweeps toss at me since I started dieting – trust me, I know the difference between hunger and thirst, and I think most people do if they pay attention to their body), then eat. If you’re not, then don’t. End of.

I totally forgot I was a member of the Google Music Beta. (tee hee) So I’m listening to all the free music I have there, which is pretty cool.

My birthday is coming up soon – Saturday the 17th. I still am behind on my mortgage and other bills, so any cash birthday presents will be happily accepted – you can Paypal them to me at terryfl (at) gmail (you know the rest) or contact me to find alternate ways. Also, I’ve got 42 comic book auctions on eBay ending on my 42nd birthday – know any comic peeps, please let them know. is my custom shortlink URL.


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