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I still need your help! | September 2, 2011

I’m sure you guys are getting tired of me constantly asking for help, but here I am again. I’m still under-employed and still asking for help. I’m asking for people to help me help myself. I’m not asking for a handout, just asking for people to help me spread the word that I’m trying to make money.

Now, I’ll swallow my pride and again say that my birthday is coming up, so if anyone wants to give me some cash as a birthday present, I’ll take it – it won’t go to anything fun, it will go to catching up on my mortgage. I’m TWO MONTHS BEHIND right now. (You can send via Paypal to the email address I have listed below.)

Right now, I have 68 auctions on eBay. So if you know of anyone who is into comic books or White Wolf roleplaying (mostly Mage and Vampire, some other stuff), please share this post with them. The short URL for my eBay auctions (never changes, always the same short link code) is

However, they don’t HAVE to buy just what I have on sale on eBay. I have MANY BOXES of comics – Marvel, DC, Independent (Image, Dark Horse, Comico, First, and others) – mostly 80s and 90s, some 70s, some 2000s. If you are looking for comics, I’m selling them fairly cheaply to generate revenue to pay bills – not to make a profit not to buy more stuff, but to pay bills and keep my house. Email me, send me a wish list, talk to me, whatever – terryfl (at) gmail

If you’re local to the Orlando/Daytona area and there’s something I can help you with for wages – I’m not a skilled worker, but I’m a good general labourer, let me know. I’m working three days a week, so I’m pretty available. I’ll consider pretty much anything, as long as it’s legal.

If you can think of anything I can do for you, please contact me. I’m getting very desperate for help.


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