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International Cook Pancakes For Your Local Animal Shelter Day | July 31, 2011

I’d really love to hear how everyone celebrated today.

For those who aren’t quite up-to-date on things, ICPFYLAS Day has been around for thousands of years. It’s true. It’s commonly accepted that the first celebrated occasion was after the Flood subsided and Noah disembarked and the local natives greeted him with fresh pancakes. (Kosher, of course.)

The holiday was made official in 1907 by Teddy Roosevelt, who stormed Capitol Hill in his Rough Rider gear, riding a unicorn, and forced Congress, at sword point, to sign a bill into effect declaring July 31st to be ICPFYLAS Day. Ever since then, it’s been celebrated regularly – in fact, that’s one of the reasons why Congress hasn’t been able to come to an agreement over the debt ceiling today, several hours were spent with the various Congressional Leaders attending ICPFYLAS Day events. (All politics aside, I hear Boehner makes a mean chocolate pancake.)

Most notable from today’s celebrations are those on the ISS. Zeppo the Monkey has been sheltered on the ISS for the past three decades, and today, the astronauts there made pancakes for each other and him. I hear zero-G pancakes are uplifting.

Today, in celebration of ICPFYLAS Day, I went in on my day off (to volunteer, as I do most Sundays), about half an hour early to prep things. I got there, and cleaned off and set up my cooking station:

Once my coworker and the very excellent young man performing Community Service Hours arrived, I set about making and cooking the pancakes:

Pancakes were had, then we set about to work – morning cleaning, weeding, dog bathing and the afternoon duties. ’twas a good day and a great way to celebrate ICPFYLAS Day.

So, how did YOU celebrate?


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