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Movies watched in June 2011 | July 2, 2011

This is likely an incomplete list, I got a little sloppy with it this month and my recollection is for shit. As always, no spoilers.

109) The Chaperone (2011) – 6/10 – (6.1) – Very cute and shmaltzy but entertaining movie.
110) Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007) – 6/10 – (6.2) – Very interesting premise, a case of a crime gone horribly wrong. Sadly, the pacing and the choice of device (staggered flashbacks) of telling the story was not the best fit. It was good, but with the cast and director, it should have been better.
111) Black Death (2010) – 7/10 – Set during the Black Death, this is a very dark movie, no good or bad, all shades of grey, and very bleak. That being said, this is right up my alley and I loved it. Sean Bean rocked.
112) Gray Lady Down (RW) (1978) – 8/10 – (6.3) – One of my childhood favourites, I haven’t seen this is 25 years. It still holds up, and the cast is just phenomenal.
113) Wolfen (RW) (1981) – 4/10 – I liked this when I was younger; as an adult, it’s just a slow movie and what I once thought was “atmospheric” is just plodding. Hines and Finney sparkle, but a poor script makes it a boring movie.
114) Doghouse (2009) – 9/10 – Man, this movie was just so much fun. I’m seriously going to do a Noel Clarke marathon (that’s Mickey from Doctor Who and I’ve seen him in some really good movies recently.) This is vulgar, violent, gory and politically incorrect, and super-entertaining.
115) Man with the Golden Arm (1955) – 6/10 – (6.4) – A good, but not great movie, this suffers from uneven pacing. Frank Sinatra rocks as a heroin junkie, if you can believe that.
116) Good Will Hunting (1997) – 5/10 – (6.5) – Wow, this is one of those movies that is just trying too hard to be a “special movie”. It wasn’t bad, but nowhere near in the realm of the hype. (And, for the record, I am a huge fan of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and MOST of their movies.)
117) The Keep (1983) (RW) – 6/10 – (6.7) – Sadly, not one that was as good as I thought it was 20-25 years ago, the last time I saw it. A very 80s horror movie, lots of cheese, low on plotting. Enjoyable, but nothing special.
118) Lo (2009) – 9/10 – (6.8) – A wonderful movie; very low budget, it’s pretty much done in one scene. A guy summons a demon, Lo, to rescue the girl he loves, who was kidnapped by a demon and taken to Hell. The demon Lo tries to trick and connive its way out of fulfilling things… and the ending is just brilliant.
119) Blood Creek (2009) – 6/10 – An enjoyable movie, about a two brothers who go to deal with a crazy family who held the one brother hostage for 2 years… and the Nazi demon behind it all. It’s good fun, a great popcorn flick.
120) Pulp Fiction (1994) (RW) – 10/10 – A great movie, one of my all time faves. You just cannot go wrong with the cast, the writing, the music and the direction. The dialogue is some of the best in all of existence.
121) Suddenly (1954) – 6/10 – (6.10) – A neat movie, Frank Sinatra plays a hoodlum hired to assassinate the President of the US; this movie mostly takes place in the house he’s taken over and the interaction with the hostages. Nothing special, but enjoyable. Sinatra, as always, pleases.
122) Frost/Nixon (2008) – 10/10 – (6.16) – Phenomenal movie. Frank Langella (who was Skeletor in the god-awful Masters of the Universe movie) will blow your socks off as Nixon. MIchael Sheen is a new discovery for me, and he is just snapping in this movie. And the rest of the cast? Bacon? Platt? Rockwell? Macfayden? Can’t go wrong with them, and they deliver.
123) The Iron Giant (1999) – 7/10 – (6.18) – Very cute, fun movie.
124) Timer (2009) – 6/10 – (6.19) – I’m not the easiest sell on a RomCom but this one was kinda cute and I liked the actors, so enjoyable!
125) interMission (2003) – 8/10 – Very cool Irish movie about criminals, life, relationships, love and kids who throw things.
126) Seven Samurai (1954) – 8/10 – Impressive, but I rather like Rashomon a lot more.
127) Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2011) – 6/10 – (6.24) – a silly, fun little supernatural mystery sorta deal. Don’t over-analyze it and you’ll enjoy it.
128) The Princess Bride (1986) (RW) – 10/10 – Watched in memory of Mr. Falk’s passing. Classic. Awesome movie.
129) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) (RW)– 10/10 – (6.25) – Heartwarming and touching, silly and fun, a true classic movie.
130) The Living and the Dead (2006) – 8/10 – A very dark, and at times difficult to watch, dramatic thriller that bleeds into psychological horror. Very powerful and evocative performances, excellent script and cinematography.
131) The Magnificent Seven (1960) – 9/10 – (6.29) – I liked it better than the original, but with a cast like this, that’s no surprise.

Best ‘new’ (to me) movie – Frost/Nixon, with Lo being a close 2nd. Magnificent Seven’s up there, too. Best including rewatches? It’s a toss up between Princess Bride and Pulp Fiction.

Worst movie: Gotta go with Wolfen, and it wasn’t complete shite or anything, just not very good. (Though again, as a teenager, I dug it.)


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