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Exercise/weight loss – June 2011 | July 2, 2011

Daily Average:
Exercise: 3171kcal
Food: 1851kcal (Fat: 68.93g, Protein: 83.79g, Carbs: 225.48g)

Monthly Total:
Exercise: 91972kcal
Food: 55519kcal (Fat: 2067.84g, Protein: 2513.77g, Carbs: 6764.39g)

I’m sure my exercise is not accurate and that I’m burning more than I record (a lot of it is guessing and I’d rather err on the side of caution.) I honestly have no idea what to record when I’m at work – I’m just doing a lump of 4-6 hours and using the housework setting.

Today, worked 7.25 hours (well, 6.75 more like, as I had an actual lunch, though I didn’t sit down for it, just stood and ate at the office desk) and did NOT have to resort to acetaminophen to get through the day – this is surely a sign of my back getting stronger and used to working again.

Still very unhappy with my belly. If I could get it trimmed down, I’d actually feel a bit sexy – getting some good definition on my arms and shoulders. My legs were already in good shape, but they’re getting more defined, so yay. Still haven’t started measuring my belly, but I need to, I guess.

Trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet.

I’m actually below 215# for the first time in… not sure how many years.


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