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My (volunteer) day at the shelter | June 26, 2011

Slept in an extra hour, so I didn’t get to the shelter until about 9:20am. Chatted with Bunny, who was just finishing up feeding the dogs, and she went to do the cattery, while I cleaned the dog kennels (scooping, soaping, scrubbing, rinsing, squeegeeing). Finished that up around 11:45, took a 15min break, then started doing some weeding.

The before pic:

The after pic:

By then it was 1pm, so it was time to take a break and make Orange Creme Floats (diet Orange soda, Vanilla ice cream) for everyone (me, Bunny and the two community service workers, Nicholas and Terry. No relation to me.)

Gary (the director of the shelter’s husband) came by and went on a gas run for our lawnmower, and while he was gone, Bunny helped me start trying to fix the gate (which was askew from people hitting it on their way in/out – no, really). Gary came back, and we finished fixing the gate, then he got the lawnmower running, and I did the two exercise yards, a couple side areas.

By this time, it was almost 3:30p, so it was time to put up the mower, do some end of day tasks, and head home to pizza, Bacardi Silver Mojito and Chikara Pro wrestling King of Trios 2008 Night 1.


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