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My version of the DC Reboot | June 6, 2011

Okay, ever since finding out that DC Comics was going to do (yet another) reboot/relaunch, I’ve been cogitating on it – wondering how they’re doing it, how much of a hard reboot, etc.

And, then, being the creative wackadoo type that I am, I’ve been thinking what I would do, were I in charge. I would do a COMPLETE reboot. As in, everything that has gone before is not part of this new DC universe. We’d start with a world that has seen super-heroes, but not very often, and not for a long while. Again, these are very basic notes and by no means comprehensive. I’d love some feedback from any comic geeks out there. (Or people who aren’t comic geeks, too.)

More behind the cut-tag

In World War 2, there was a group of heroes – The Justice Society of America, they were called. They banded together to deal with Axis threats against America. Originally, a group of Mystery Men called the All-Star Squadron, they grew into a group of heroes – some with powers. The final, and most powerful line-up was – Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Atom, Black Canary, Johnny Thunder, The Sandman, and Green Lantern.

Much like the previous DCU, the JSA disbanded in the 1950s, because of the House UnAmerican Activities Commission. Green Lantern left Earth, the others faded into obscurity. Since then, there have been super-powered metahumans (and the occasional alien), just not many, and almost never in the public eye. The ‘Suicide Squad’ is hinted at existing in various formations, especially during the Cold War era.

Fast Forward to present day. It’s the world, pretty much as we know it. Alexander Luthor is the President of the United States of America, and he’s a pretty decent one, on most counts. His family’s company, Luthor Enterprises, has equipped the armed forces with superior tech, and the US is celebrating five years since the end of the Iraq and Afghan conflicts. Six years ago, the terrorist Osama bin Laden was captured, tried, and sentenced to life imprisonment. Al-Qaeda has been effectively smashed.

It’s as close to a Wonderful World as you could find believable. US Unemployment is below 5%, great advances in medicine have reduced AIDS across the world, etc. Sure, there’s still strife and the like, but not as bad as The Real World.

And the world’s people eyes have recently been opened. There is a new World Power – Themyscira, an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean, previously hidden, has revealed theirselves to the world. An envoy, Princess Diana, is expected to appear before the United Nations.

Several days before, a meteor shower lights up the sky, and there are several impacts in the Western United States.

TITLE #1: Superman – Kal-El is the last survivor of the Destruction of Krypton. The meteor shower that many consider to be heralding Princess Diana’s arrival is actually the spacecraft that his parents put their infant child into, 18 years ago in Earth’s time. All the while, his body has been grown and empowered by the ship, by the prolonged exposure to hyperspace. Kryptonians have been on Earth before, it was chosen intentionally by Jor-El, and he has been educated in much of the planet’s history and languages and culture.

Changes: Superman, from the start, has been The Super Boy Scout. He’s been about Truth, Justice and The American Way. (And, apparently, it’s not working, b/c currently in the comics, Superman has given up his American citizenship or something, right?) Well, this comic would start with him having no practical idea of what being a human is about. The comic would take time, him learning to be a human, to be an American eventually. And he wouldn’t be ridiculously-stupid powerful like he is in the comics (again.)

TITLE #2: Wonder Woman – Themyscira has been amongst us, always shielded, always out of phase with the rest of the world, but always watching. They’ve been part of the bigger events, but always hidden or incognito. They fought with the Allies in the Second World War, for example. For whatever reasons (which would be revealed over the course of the title), they have chosen NOW to join the rest of the world.

Changes: This one is hard. This title would be a throw back to the tradition of Wonder Woman, but with the strength and independence of the modern woman. She’d be a warrior, but also a leader born. No mystical origin, no being crafted from clay and given life by the gods.

TITLE #3: The Batman – Gotham City, once America’s proudest port, is now the Home of Crime. Sin City. The highest murder rate, the highest crime rate. But, things have been changing. For the past five years, a shadowy figure has been waging a war on crime. Hunted by a (mostly) corrupt police force, feared by the criminal element (for they are a cowardly and superstitious lot), this figure has begun to make changes after so much effort. But once the other heroes start appearing, The Batman decides it is time to make his name known, too.

Changes: Bruce Wayne is still Batman – the origin is the same. Parents gunned down by a robber, dedicates his life to fighting crime. However, he’s not one of the ten richest people on the planet any more. He’s wealthy, a multi-millionaire, but not stupid wealthy. And instead of owning companies that contribute to crime and death like in the comics, he turned his money into Wayne Outreach, a charitable organization that helps people. Education, Health Care, Legal Rights and more. Helping the down-trodden. Also, The Batman is not waging a one man war on crime. He has a large team of assistants. Scientists, men of action, a high ranking Lieutenant in the police force, a couple street gangs that have allied with him, and more.

TITTLE #4: Detective Comics – Each issue has two parts, stories told over sequential issues. Possibly even different creative teams for each story. Characters would include (but not limited to): The Martian Manhunter (his stories would be mostly historical stories – he’s been on Earth since the 1950s, living amongst us, most often as private dick John Jones), The Question (Renee Montoya, a former officer on the Gotham PD, who was not corrupt and when she found out too much, her own partner tried to kill her. She was left for dead, her face horribly burned, and a mysterious benefactor used an experimental artificial skin to help her. Now she fights crime and helps people as The Question), Angel and the Ape (no, really, it’d be done seriously) and more.

TITLE #5: Adventure Comics – Similar to the Detective Comics, this anthology comic would focus on grand adventure and more fantastic characters – Deadman, for example.

TITLE #6: Action Comics – various stories about super-heroes. Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Vixen, Green Arrow, so forth and so on.

TITLE #7: In a Flash – Barry and Jessie Allen, the twin brother and sister descendants of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, run a world-wide delivery company. While on a corporate retreat in a secluded area, they and the rest of their board of directors are exposed to The Speed Force, giving them all super-speed related powers. Barry becomes The Flash, his sister takes the name Jessie Quick, their nephew Wally becomes Kid Flash, there’s even Max Mercury and a couple others.

Changes: It’s not just about one super-speedster, it’s about a family (and friends) of super-speedsters.

TITLE #8: Green Lantern – For the past six decades plus, Alan Scott has been a member of the Green Lantern Corps, the group of galactic policemen who are spread across the universe. He’s getting old (though aging much slower because of the ring – he left Earth in the 1950s as a man in his 30s, and is barely pushing mid 50s now) and yearns to return to Earth. For the first half of the first year, the title will deal with Alan becoming more frustrated and deciding on going back to Earth. He gets approval from the Guardians to do so, charged with finding a successor if he is truly intent on retiring. And home he goes.

This would be all the ongoing titles for the first year. There would be a mini-series or three as needed, telling stories of the time before, or establishing things going on. Alan Scott would return to Earth with a warning – on his way to Earth he came across a scouting probe for some unknown alien race or entity.

After the end of the first year of comics, there would be a mini-series ATTACK FROM THE STARS, where the alien creature Starro would attack Earth, and only the combined forces of Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, Jessie Quick, The Flash, and a couple other heroes saves the day. This leads the founding of a ninth ongoing title, the Justice League of America.

And, then, at the end of the second year of the new DC, The Destroyer of Krypton, the entity whose probe Green Lantern discovered (not Starro, as we would be led to believe) would arrive to threaten the Earth. This would be a huge even that would result in many changes – Alan Scott’s ring would be destroyed and he would be killed in battle – the power from the ring would be split between the candidates for his successor – Hal Jordan, Kyle Ranier, Jade, Guy Gardner – and they would become all variations of Green Lantern.

The Destroyer of Krypton and the new Superman’s arch-nemesis is none other than Braniac. He would be defeated, destroyed (but not before uploading his consciousness to another body and escaping), and from there on, there would be other titles (a Green Lantern Corps featuring stories of the alien Green Lanterns; Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and many others.)


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