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May Weight Loss – Dieting and Exercise and Plateau, oh my? | June 1, 2011

Daily Average:
Exercise: 3040kcal
Food: 2032kcal (Fat: 71.67g, Protein: 93.86g, Carbs: 263.13g)

Monthly Total:
Exercise: 94243kcal
Food: 62996kcal (Fat: 2221.67g, Protein: 2909.74g, Carbs: 8156.93g)

I’m working out about every other day, and already noticing a difference in things. When I went walking yesterday, I was able to maintain a walking speed of 5mph for 2.5 miles with much less effort than it would have taken a month or so ago.

My new scale might be lying to me. If it is, I’m gonna get pissed. At the doctor’s office yesterday, fully dressed I was 226.8, and I know that my clothes are just under 5 pounds. My scale at home likes 224.2 a whole lot and has given me that result (and that’s without any clothing on) many times, and I’m finding the coincidence of that a bit hard to believe. This morning, it said 221.6, so we’ll see how it goes from here.

I need to start measuring my belly – I know that, the more I work out, the more muscle I’ll build, and that’s going to throw off the weight loss. Right now, my belly is the biggest focus of fat, so that’s the part I’m most concerned with.


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  1. Goodluck!! Your doing so well! I always think it’s how you feel & how your clothes look, not so much the weight. Keep at it though, your doing great!

    Comment by Gail weafer — June 1, 2011 @ 10:25 pm

    • Thanks, hon. You’re right, the weight is just a number, but it’s been the only gauge I’ve had thus far. And I’m not entirely sure if my scale is really accurate or what’s going on with that… but I also know enough about working out that muscle mass is 16x more dense than fat, so I’m gonna be gaining weight from muscle even as I’m losing weight from burning fat. I gotta gear things to reducing my belly’s dimensions – I’ve already gone down some – last year I bought a pair of pants that were 42 waist, last month I bought a pair that were 40 waist.

      Comment by Terry — June 1, 2011 @ 10:54 pm

      • That’s great!! Yeah muscle will add weight won’t it! Maybe like u said start measuring, just a tape measure, that way you know when you are truly slimming when the scale is being weird! 😉

        Comment by Gail weafer — June 1, 2011 @ 11:10 pm

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