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Selling comics | May 17, 2011

Those of you who know me/have been following me are probably getting a bit tired of hearing me pimp my comic selling. I don’t apologise – I’m trying to pay bills/keep my house while I’m on unemployment (unemployment covers my mortgage and that’s it, and I’m about to fall a month behind on mortgage, again.) I’m not asking for a hand out, I’m asking people to help spread the word so more people know that I’m selling the comics, in the hopes that they will buy them.

For those who have ever shared/retweeted, thank you very much.

I’m selling on eBay and Amazon, but am just as content to sell directly to people – over email and billing via Paypal. (Anyone referred to this post by a mutual friend/whatever, feel free to check out my feedback on both sites.)

If you, or a friend, has a wish list of comics, please contact me (terryfl at that g mail place) and let me know – I have about 20 long boxes of 80s and 90s (and very little from the early 2000s) DC, Marvel, Comico, First, Malibu, Dark Horse, Image and other indepedent publishers.

I’m selling the comics for approximately 40% of price guide value. I pack extremely carefully (also something you’ll see noted in the feedback on both Amazon and eBay). I grade them myself, using this page for guidelines, but many people have commented that the comics were in better condition than expected.)

So, please, if you are into comic books, check ’em out. If you know someone who is, share this post with them. Thank you!


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