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Still learning lessons about dieting. | May 6, 2011

So, realised that I was hungry and would need to eat something. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to go any higher on my caloric intake unless I had to, so had put it off until just now. (I need to get my head wrapped that if I’m hungry enough, just go ahead and eat.)

Didn’t want a yogurt, wasn’t sure that would be filling enough. Was thinking bagel and (fat free) cream cheese, but that would be about 300 calories… and again, I was already where I wanted to be for the day, so that was a bit high (esp. since I wasn’t very active today.)

Then I had an epiphany – why not have just half a bagel? I don’t have to eat a whole bagel, I can toast half, spread a little (fat free) cream cheese on it, and be at 150 calories instead.

I know, it’s no big discovery… but, again, dieting is new to me. I’ve never, ever had to diet before. Up until a year ago, I was working an active job, and even eating whatever I could afford, as much as I wanted, I was only a few pounds (10ish) over-weight. It’s only being much more sedentary (and still eating the same way, or actually eating more – didn’t do many breakfasts on a workday) that I became as overweight as I did.

So, another lesson learned. I’m sure there’s a lot more tricks and such for me to learn (anyone got any for me? Love to hear ’em!)


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  1. Having lost a lot of weight (I went from 255 to 180 a few years ago), I’ve come across quite a few tips. Here are a few quick ones:

    1) Drink lots of water. It’s amazing how often you mistake “I’m thirsty” for “I’m hungry.”

    2) Eat on small plates. That small portion of pasta on a small plate looks like a lot more than on a big plate. You wouldn’t think it’d matter much, but it does!

    3) Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. They’ll fill you up nicely, keeping you from eating foods that are worse for you.

    4) Keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat, no matter how small. It’ll keep you accountable and prevent runaway snacking. (e.g. “I’ll sit down on the couch with this bag of chips, but I’ll just have one or two.”)

    Comment by TechyDad — May 6, 2011 @ 8:13 am

    • Hey, thanks!

      I already do #1 – most days, water is all I drink now (a few times a week, I’ll have a glass of skim milk or juice, and 1-2 times I allow myself a soda or iced tea or the like.)

      #2 I’ll have to get some small plates at the dollar store and try that.

      #3 I’m doing my best to do this; veggies are hard for me, as I don’t like a lot of cooked veggies – so I’ve been eating a good amount of salads, but need to eat *more*.

      #4 I use FatSecret for that – I record everything I eat and it’s probably the biggest asset I have in moderating what I eat.

      Wow, you lost a great amount! How long did it take you? I started at 250+ (I think I was probably around 255) back in early March, and am at 230 now. The number’s not the most important thing to me, it’s getting in shape/reducing my belly. I’ve also started working out more (been going to the gym twice a week for the past 3 years, with a few months missed here and there, now starting an every-other-day workout regimen), so I know I’ll be gaining some muscle (which, weighing 16x more than fat, means that I could start gaining weight while losing it on that alone.)

      A year ago, I was 210-215 and somewhat overweight (not real bad, little bit of a belly), so my goal is to get down about that weight, see where I am belly-wise and figure out what a healthy weight for me is.

      Again, thanks for the reply!

      Comment by Terry — May 6, 2011 @ 9:47 am

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