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I was wrong. | May 5, 2011

(mentally playing – the song by Sisters of Mercy with the same title as my blog post)

I was wrong, I admit it. This doesn’t happen too often, so enjoy it. (Me being wrong, not me admitting when I’m wrong – though I’ll often fight to bitter end, once you’ve convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt, unlike my parents, I’ll readily admit it. My mother used to tell an anecdote of their first year of marriage, arguing over the meaning of a word, and my Mom got the dictionary to show my Dad what it said, to back up her side. My father’s response: Well, the dictionary’s wrong! LOL.)

I love books. I am a book person – anyone who remotely knows me knows this. I love reading, immersing myself in a story, in another world, time, place or whatever. Escapist fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter, it swallows me up.

I’m a very sensual person – the sensations of an experience are as important to me as the intellectual appreciation of it. The smells, the touch… very important. For that reason, more than any other, I have been not-quite-vehemently, but strongly opposed to e-books. I like the feel of a book, the paper – especially a nice hardcover. Give me one that is heavy, thick… that FEELS like a book. Something you could knock someone senseless with if you were in a fight. Those are my favourites.

(Okay, it’s no longer mentally playing. I cued it up on YouTube – join me in listening, won’t you?)

So, two weeks ago, my friend Gwen sent me an Amazon Kindle 3. She’d asked me, a week or two earlier, if I read e-books on my netbook or laptop or phone, and I said that I didn’t because reading text too long on a computer screen gets to me – I have no problem going to different pages, but one file, just the text and few/no images, and I get frustrated, I get distracted, I don’t like it. But I’d handled an acquaintance’s e-book once before, and thought that with the e-ink/e-paper, whatever, I’d be able to handle that.

So I got it. It was a surprise, of course – and one not planned when she brought it up, it was just a conversational thing, but she got to thinking about it, and, well, there you have it.

It’s really fucking cool, reading books on it. Last month, it took me 3 weeks to plod through a physical book; then, about a third of that time to read Jonathan Maberry’s PATIENT ZERO. I’m now reading Dan Simmons’ DROOD (just started last night, but so far, very good.)

The feel isn’t the same and I still prefer the original… but I find myself more inclined to make time at home to read. I’m more inclined to pick it up and take it with me – I use it while on the exercise bike at the gym, for instance, something I never even thought of doing with a real book.)

The weight is a good weight (I honestly wouldn’t mind if it weighed a little more, either.) It fits well in my hand. It’s conducive to reading. It doesn’t take away from the experience of reading a book all that much.

I was wrong.

(And, Gwen, if you’re reading this, once more – thank you.)


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