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How I turned $1 into $23.95 (and other tales) | April 9, 2011

So, I’ve seen a lot of people cast their judgement on sites like DealPulp, Living Social and Groupon recently, proclaiming them to be scams.

Guess what, folks – they’re not. I’ve used both Groupon and Dealpulp, personally.

Last year, I bought two $10 “gift coupons” from Groupon for the local chain of Boston Gourmet coffee shoppes. I paid $10 for them both, so it was a 50% discount. I got two meals – cup of soup, sandwich/wrap and a 24 ounce frozen coffee and only had to pay a tip for the server.

More recently, I recently signed up for Dealpulp. They had a deal – $10 of Dealpulp credit for $1. So, I got it. And then, a week or two later, they had a deal for $25 credit for $10. Well, I had $10 Dealpulp credit already, so why not – I found a 12 count variety pack of Exalt soda for $23.95, and it had free shipping.

I encourage everyone to try it out – you might find something you like, and save some money doing it!

If you’re interested in signing up for Groupon, please use this referral code – for every person that does, I get $10 Groupon credit. If you want to sign up for Dealpulp, I also have a referral code here. It would help me afford little splurges here and there.


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