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People are douchebags, part 173893 | April 6, 2011

So, today I was at the Deltona Landings plaza (crossroads of Providence Blvd and Debary Drive) today, during my walk, and after grabbing a free Yoplait yogurt at Publix (yay, coupon for free stuff), I was headed to Boat Ramp to enjoy the sun and shade by the water until the next bus came by.

Anyhow, as I’m leaving the plaza, douchebag #173893 pulled up in his lil’ red car and parked. Why is this a problem? Here, let me show you…

Look at me, parking in the fire lane, I'm a douchebag!

Yep, right in the fire lane. Seriously, douchebag, park your fucking car and walk into the store.

Here’s a closeup of his car – I wish there were a program to submit pics of people parked in places like this that would get them points so they have to pay more on their insurance or something.

Close up of the douchebag's car and license plate


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