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Awakening from a stupor… | April 5, 2011

I feel that I have been in a funk for years. I suspect… no, I know that I have been battling with depression for years now, and suspect that it’s been most of my life.

I feel that of recent weeks, the past two months or so, I have begun to awaken, as if from some stupor. I feel as if I am climbing out of some deep, dark pit.

Why? I don’t know. If anything else, I have just as much reason and cause to be depressed, to feel down, as I ever have. I’m unemployed, soon to be a year now. I’m barely making it month to month. My mother passed away four days before Christmas… and even the good that has come from that (I am getting her car, so I will have a car for the first time in days shy of six years) comes with more stress, more cause for worry – I’ve had trouble making ends meet paying $40 for my monthly bus pass, now I’m paying double that alone in insurance, and let us not even think about gas!

Nonetheless, I am feeling… lighter of spirit, more alive, than I have in years.

Let’s see where this goes.


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