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Weight loss adventures – March 2011 | April 4, 2011

I started being proactive about my weight on the 15th of March, so this first “monthly” post will only deal with 17 days.

For the first two plus weeks, I was mostly in just a observation phase. I don’t know the first thing about paying attention to what you eat, etc. (Ok, I know the first thing – calories. And I know that the goal is to burn more than you eat, at the very basic level. I know there are other approaches, but I’m keeping it basic, I know this works, so it’s good enough for me, at least until it doesn’t work.)

“Monthly” stats –
Exercise: 53945kcal
Food: 41602kcal (Fat: 1521.84g, Protein: 1630.79g, Carbs: 5274.83g)

So, I took in 41602kcal, burned 53945kcal. That’s great, that’s like 77%!

Daily average for the “month” –
Exercise: 3173kcal
Food: 2447kcal (Fat: 89.52g, Protein: 95.93g, Carbs: 310.28g)

Obviously, carbs are the largest part of my calories.

Behaviors. I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy, sad, upset, lonely, depressed, horny, bored and hungry. I eat a lot more when I sit at home on my ass all day, doing nothing. On days I do stuff, I don’t seem to eat quite as much. So, I need to do more stuff, obviously.


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