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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day | March 17, 2011

Today is the day that we Irish celebrate being Irish, and a bunch of people who think being Irish means getting drunk, celebrate wanting to be Irish. It’s also a celebration of Saint Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland (a parable for the Church forcing the Druids into hiding or to leave the Emerald Isle, not exactly something that needs to be celebrated, but there it is.)

Not being the most devout Catholic, I’ll stick to celebrating being Irish. I pride myself on being about as Irish as you can be without being from Ireland. I’m very Irish – tenacious, fun-loving, love to laugh, hard-working, with a darker, bitter side. Fierce in my passions, loyal to a fault, and bull-headed.

Being Irish means being the best, and the worst, that you can be. It means having a love for life, a lust for living, no matter how bad things are. It means almost never giving up, even when you should. It means being stubborn, often to the point of stupidity.

Three of my favourite quotes about being Irish, in no particular order:

  • “She’s Irish, she’s going to end up angry, no matter what happens.” – Lieutenant Ken Shea, Rescue Me, S05E03
  • “You’re Irish. You were born with an opinion.” Lara, FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING
  • If you can’t fight it, fuck it. If you can’t fuck it, fight it. If you can’t fight it or fuck it, it ain’t worth fuckng with! – Irish proverb

Yes, all very tongue in cheek, crass and true – very Irish.

So, today, wear your green (or orange), whether you’re Irish or not. Today, everyone gets to be Irish if they want to. If that means going on a pub crawl, please, drink safely, make sure someone else drives – don’t be Irish and think you’re not drunk.

Eat some corned beef, or at least some potatoes. Play some celtic music. Do a jig.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.


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