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Give Eagle a chance | March 2, 2011

Eagle was a comic, created by Rich Rankin and Neil Vokes, originally published in the late 80s and early 90s by Crystal Comics (and Apple Comics for the last 7 issues.) I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Neil on a couple social media lately, and he is a class act and a really neat person. More salient, I remember the comic just being plain awesome. It was a martial arts/mystical/ninja/detective/borderline-superheroics black and white art comic story that just rocked my socks. I don’t have the issues any more (the ex-wife kept those, the meany-pants that she is) and have long been wanting to find them. The few times I found a lot on eBay, either the bidding went too high or I just couldn’t afford it.

The reason I’m posting is to put an appeal out there – they’re taking pre-orders for a TPB of the first six comics. They have to get at least 500 copies pre-ordered, else it won’t print at all. The TPB contains the first six issues, and apparently some notes on the NEW comic they’re working on.

Now, you must realise that I had a geekgasm when I read that last part.

So, please, if you think you might like a story like that, please pre-order the TPB. Even if you don’t, if you have any friends who read comics, please share this blog post with them. I’m begging you, check it out. it’s a great comic, it’s a lot of fun – for those who want something different, this is worth checking out!

So, again, please contact your FLCS, or order it online – I’ve included two links at the bottom of the post for two different places you can order it. (And, yes, even though I’m unemployed, I’ve placed an order. I’ll have to sell some more comics on eBay to pay for it, but this is important to me.)


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have been into comics since the early 70’s and I think it a great artform. I shared the link with my geek buddies.

    Comment by Chris Spoerl — March 2, 2011 @ 10:29 pm

    • I’ve been reading comics since the mid 70s and they’re easily my favourite artform. I’m a fan of an eclectic mix of genres, from superhero to fantasy, horror to espionage, scifi to war comics, and many others.

      I won’t say Eagle is my favourite comics of all time (Grimjack holds that spot), but it’s easily in the top ten.

      Comment by Terry — March 2, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

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