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Movies watched during Jan 2011 | February 4, 2011

Another monthly movie post – list of movies, each with a line or two of (unspoilery) commentary. Also, at the end, I’m gonna start listing the 2 or 3 best and worst of the month.

1) One Point 0 – trippy scifi/cyberpunkish story that plays with perceptions of reality. Good but gets a little lost in it’s own funkadelicness. 7/10 (1.1)
2) Razor Blade Smile (RW) – 7/10 – Corny but fun B-movie vampire flick
3) The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – 10/10 – Wow, what a seriously intense and dramatic and touching and haunting tale.
4) Suck – 8/10 – Awesome vampire comedy rock-n-roll movie. – (1.5)
5) The Corporation – 9/10 – A look at the evolution of corporations; told with not an unbalanced amount of bias, surprisingly enough (1.6)
6) All The King’s Men – 8/10 – The 2006 version; (1.8) Sean Penn is awesome in this, everyone else does a decent job.
7) A Knight’s Tale – 7/10 – Actually, I was not prepared to like this at all. It’s a silly movie, but a fun one.
8 ) 3:10 to Yuma (1957) – 8/10 – Sooooooooo much better than the remake.
9) Crazy Joe – 6/10 – Peter Boyle as a mobster. Not bad, a bit stifled and in need of better pacing.
10) Stone – 3/10 – supposedly a gripping psychological drama, it was boring as hell. (1.9)
11) Conviction – 9/10 – A compelling drama based on a true story of a man falsely imprisoned for 18 years and his sister, who became a lawyer, solely because nobody else would fight for him. Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver and Hilary Swank rock.
12) Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright – 6/10 – a bit meandering and too pretentious for its own good, this could have been a great movie with a little tighter scripting. Great cast, but the script wasn’t up to their level.
13) The Fighter – 10/10 – Man, this movie was awesome and while Bale was EXCELLENT, Damon was better. Still can’t believe he didn’t get the Best Actor nom at the Academy Awards.
14) Megamind – 10/10 – (1.15) Damn, this movie is just phenomenal.
15) City of the Living Dead – 3/10 – (1.16) Teleporting zombies. Yes, it was that bad.
16) Dead Alive – 2/10 – This was so stupid I couldn’t finish watching it.
17) Last of the Living – 8/10 – funny zombie movie; 3 guys trying to survive in a zombie-over-run world.
18) Dawn of the Dead (1978) – 8/10 – Had never seen this before (at least not that I recall.) Most excellent.
19) Day of the Dead (1985) (RW) – 8/10 – Very intense and frustrating movie – but intentionally so.
20) True Grit (2010) – 8/10 – I rather enjoyed this. I don’t think it’s Oscar material, except for the young girl’s performance.
21) The Company Men – 6/10 – (1.17) This movie tried too hard to be that special, feel-good movie. It’s hard to find any sympathy for someone making six figures when so many of us are really struggling.
22) Outcast – 5/10 – James Nesbitt, Amy Gillan in a supernatural/occult thriller that isn’t as shocking as it thinks it is and relies too heavily on screams and loud volume than actual thrills. Atmospheric and not a bad movie, just meh.
23) Choose – 4/10 – Kevin Pollak, Stanley Tucci and Bruce Dern = awesome movie, right? Wrong.
24) Let Sleeping Corpses Lie – 7/10 – (1.22) Very enjoyable 70s zombie movie – rather silly, but still enjoyable. Rife with the fears about radiation that was a part of the social paradigm.
25) Devil – 6/10 – enjoyable but nothing special; good popcorn flick
26) High Sierra (1941) – 7/10 – A western tale disguised as a heist flick. Bogey is, as always, excellent, and everyone wasn’t bad either.
27) Dead and Deader (2006) – 6/10 – (1.26) Cheeseball zombie comedy/action flick with Dean Cain. Nothing special but still enjoyable.
28) Archangel (2005 BBC miniseries) – 5/10 – (1.27) Rather just kinda meh; I love Daniel Craig, and I like Robert Harris’ books, but this one left me wanting. Rather neatly tied ending was disappointing – I would have rather seen the story play out.
29) 88 Minutes (2007) – 4/10 – Wow, Al Pacino’s hurting for movies or what? This movie tries so hard to be clever and complex and ends up being trite and pretentious. Don’t waste your time.
30) Legend of the Guardians The Owls of Ga’Hoole – 6/10 – not bad, stunning visuals, not bad story but pretty predictable. Didn’t feel quite as emotionally invested in the characters as I should have and didn’t buy the brother’s change to evil.
31) The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (RW) – 10/10 – (1.28) – Love this movie, just love it.
32) Let Me In – 8/10 – A very good remake of an awesome movie. I was disappointed that there wasn’t any character development outside of the main characters.
33) The King’s Speech – 10/10 – (1.29) A wonderful movie, chock full of wonderful performances by Colin Firth, Guy Pearce, Derek Jacobi, Michael Gambon and Geoffrey Rush. Funny, heart-breaking, dramatic, and compelling, this is a piece of art.
34) HH Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer – 6/10 – Seemed awful light on content, just a cursory overview of things. Didn’t have much more info than I’d already known.

Best movies – The King’s Speech, The Fighter, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Worst movies – Dead Alive, Choose, Stone


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