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Best Entertainment in 2010 | January 8, 2011

Music: I’ll be honest, I’m very much out of touch with modern music. (I’m open to suggestions.) That being said, I’ll give Cee Lo Green’s, “Fuck You” as the best song of the year and DEVO’s “Something for Everyone” as the best album of the year. Cee Lo’s tune is just phenomenally fun, and DEVO’s album is DEVO, decades later, just as good as ever.

Books: I didn’t read a plethora of books but only a couple stand out. Book of the Year goes to China Mieville’s Kraken, a story of magic, cults, multiple apocalypses and, yes, a Kraken. In London. You know you want to read it. (A strong follow up was Joe Hill’s Horns. He’s definitely his father’s son, but by no means is he just another Stephen King. Joe is definitely forging his own territory and me likey.)

Movies: I watched 340 movies this year. (Yes, really.) I’ll just touch upon the 2010 releases here.

The better movies of 2010 (that I saw) were: The Losers, Inception, Centurion, Repo Men, Death at a Funeral, Runaways, How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me, Devil’s Playground, Unstoppable, The Town, Alice in Wonderland

Some good ones (but not great) were: The Crazies, Black Swan, The Social Network, Shrek Forever After, Knucklehead

Ones that should have been better included: Edge of Darkness, A-Team, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Salt, Catfish, The Killer Inside Me, Skyline

Cyrus was the worst 2010 movie that I saw.

Kick-Ass was going to be my pick for movie of the year until I saw, on the last day of 2010, Idris Elba and Eamonn Walker in Legacy. As much as I enjoyed the irreverence and ultra-violence of Kick-Ass, the commanding performances of Idris and Eamonn as a black ops soldier and his brother, a US Senator. Idris’ character has gone AWOL after a botched mission and is holed up in an apartment while he tries to figure out how to blow the whistle on his brother (and his Presidential aspirations). This movie is brutally powerful, tapping that inner darkness that Idris does so well. (See the BBC tv show Luther or HBO’s The Wire.)

Television: This was the year that I finally got around to watching Mad Men. What a great show, well done and so rich in history and atmosphere. One of the best shows, and this year’s season was strong. Many other shows peformed well, including Underbelly 3: The Golden Mile, Doctor Who, No Ordinary Family, BBC’s Luther, BBC’s Survivors series 2, Law & Order: Los Angeles and Ashes to Ashes series 3. Caprica is the best show that got canned this year (LOST was planned to end, so I’m not counting that. I really enjoyed the show but I’m glad they ended it when they did. I’m a big proponent of shows like that having a definite ending. I won’t say I liked everything about the ending, but it was the best ending it could have had.)

For best show, I’m going with a four way tie. BBC’s Being Human series 2 was just phenomenal. It upped the ante and took a great first series from 2009 to the next level. BBC’s Sherlock revamped the Victorian detective for the modern day and, wow. Just wow. (They’ll be filming series 2 soon, yay!) E4’s Misfits series 2 blew me away. The in-your-face story of young offenders on probation gifted/cursed with super-powers, much like Being Human, stepped it up big time this season. (And the Christmas special was just incredible.) And, finally, filling out the four winners, the sole US pick – The Walking Dead, AMC’s adaptation of the acclaimed comic book series.

Comic Books: Sadly, I can’t comment on the best comics of 2010. I hardly read any issues, not enough to call it, so for this year, I’m skipping choosing any.

Video Games: Hands down, Bejeweled 3 is my pick. It really improved upon the game play and came up with a lot of varieties. When they first announced it, I had thought, how are they going to make it worth a 4th game? Well, they did, and it’s the best one yet.


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