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71 movies watched in December 2010 | January 5, 2011

A quick (hah) list of the 71 movies (o.O) I watched during December 2010. Title, rating, a line or two about each one. (RW) means it’s a re-watch. A date shows when I watched the movie. Those following undated are with the previous date. Commentary is unspoilery.

270) Easy A – 7/10 (12.1) – Very cute teen social comedy.
271) XII – 2/10 (12.2) – Wow, bad, bad, bad.
272) Excalibur – 4/10 – Very mediocre considering all the praise I’ve heard since I was a youngster.
273) [REC]^2 – 10/10 – Fucking phenomenal.
274) The Eighteenth Angel – 3/10 – (12.3) – I think I liked the concept, but the execution was horrible.
275) Afterwards – 2/10 – I lost interest halfway through the movie and made a blog post and realised that I had no clue what I’d missed, nor did I care. Visually stunning, wonderful cinematography and all.
276) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (RW) – 10/10 – (12.4) One of my all time favourite movies. Just amazingly cool.
277) 10th and Wolf – 4/10 – Very bland movie about a Marine from Desert Storm who comes back and tries to infiltrate the local crime gangs that his brother is now part of.
278) Cyrus – 4/10 – Wow, what a disappointment. Great cast but what was the point of that story?
279) Chicago (RW) – 10/10 – I love a great musical and this one is most assuredly great.
280) The Seventh Victim – 2/10 – Snoozefest. Didn’t even keep my attention.
281) Skyline – 6/10 – apparently there will be at least one more movie. this one should have been a television event to set up the next one, IMO. It wasn’t bad… just nothing special, storywise. But I would like to see where it goes.
282) The Truth – 3/10 – weak story, poorly portrayed, stunted scripting, and the plot twists are obvious
283) The Terminator (RW) – 9/10 – another classic
284) Inkheart – 6/10 – I enjoyed it. Brendan Fraser is enjoyable in most of his roles, and this is certainly the case here. The characters were fun, the concept was playful, f/x were good.
285) The Town – 7/10 – Very good movie, not quite as great as the hype, but very good.
286) Taken – 6/10 – It was good, better than a lot of other movies Neeson has been in. (I love the guy, but damn, he’ll play in anything.)
287) Terminator 2: Judgment Day (RW) – 10/10 – Love this movie. ’nuff said.
288) The Name of The Rose (RW) – 10/10 (12.6) – One of my all time favourite movies. Just so rich and full of so many commanding performances. And the setting and costuming and everything.
289) Burrowers – 6/10 (12.8) – An interesting horror/western blend, could’ve been better, but it was better than most other ventures into this realm.
290) Robocop 2 (RW) – 4/10 (12.9) – This was worse than I remembered. Still enjoyable in a bad movie, cheesetastic way.
291) Bunny Lake is Missing – 2/10 – God this was a horrible, stupid movie that made no sense.
292) Night of the living dead – 1990 remake – 5/10 – Honestly, I think I like this one better than the original.
293) South Park: Imaginationland – 6/10 – (12.12) South Park seems to have to just get raunchier to stay funny and loses something in the process.
294) Tall Man Riding – 5/10 – 1955 western, nothing special
295) Zone 39 – 5/10 – (12.13) Low budget scifi thriller with a political message. Could’ve been worse, could’ve been better.
296) Scanners (RW) – 7/10 – Nothing like 80s scifi. Head-splody, over-acting, yet so much fun.
297) Happily N’ever After – 7/10 – (12.15) Very fun/cute playing-in-the-sandbox take on the Cinderella faerie tale.
298) Return of the Living Dead 2 (RW) – 5/10 (12.18) On the sillier side of zombies.
299) Return of the Living Dead 3 (RW) – 4/10 – Oof. I thought I liked this movie. I know see it was just the sexy zombie girl that appealed to the younger me.
300) Clerks (RW) – 10/10 – When I first saw this movie, on bootleg, I told everyone I saw this guy was gonna go places. Love this film.
301) Mad Max (RW) – 5/10 – (12.19) – Very middle of the road, not bad but nothing to get excited about.
302) Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (RW) – 9/10 – Another 80s scifi classic, much better than the first installment – once they decided to go full post-apoc and forget the social commentary, it became a much better story.
303) Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome (RW) – 10/10 – I haven’t seen it since… dunno, early 90s? I forgot just how awesome it was.
304) Zombie Girl: The Movie – 10/10 – documentary on Emily Hagins, the first 12 year old to direct a feature length film. A really interesting story, all around. Especially appealing if you’ve ever made a movie when you were young.
305) Quarantine – 7/10 – (12.20) – American version of [REC] – Not bad, but not as good as the Spanish movie. Deb from Dexter stars and I kept wondering when Dexter’s sister became such a wuss.
306) Mallrats (RW) – 7/10 – fun, corny, silly movie.
307) Chasing Amy (RW) – 8/10 (12.21) – Wow, I really forgot how much of an asshole Affleck’s character is in this story. Great story about relationships and bias and immaturity and comic books.
308) The Untouchables (RW) – 6/10 – this movie did not age well. maybe it’s the factual inconsistencies, but I remember liking this a lot more years ago. DeNiro and Connery’s performances are still made of awesome, though.
309) Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis – 3/10 – wow, that was bad.
310) Dogma (RW) – 10/10 (12.22) – This is probably my fave Kevin Smith movie (Clerks might be, I waffle back and forth between the two.) It’s so wonderfully irreverent. And the story is just so epic.
311) Jay and Silent Bob Strike back (RW) – 8/10 – silly, silly, silly movie. Geektastic.
312) Churchill: The Hollywood Years – 6/10 – Silly movie, billed as an intentionally historically inaccurate movie… but it really doesn’t have enough logic behind it to be clever. Not bad, Christian Slater is (usually) worth watching (though stay away from Dolan’s Cadillac and Very Bad Things), and the guy who plays the sidekick on No Ordinary Family does a great job here, too.
313) Dirk Gently pilot – 8/10 – Okay, not a movie. It’s been forever since I read the first DG book, don’t know how “true” this was, but it was damn enjoyable.
314) Dear Mr. Gacy – 6/10 – (12.23) – Based on a true story about a college student who becomes a pen pal of John Wayne Gacy while Gacy is fighting his appeals and all that. Strange, strange story.. and dumb/strange enough to be real.
315) Night of the Comet – 8/10 – a most excellent, silly movie.
316) Unstoppable – 7/10 – (12.24) – I like Denzel Washington. DW can do very little wrong in my book. This was nothing special but it was a good popcorn flick.
317) Time After Time (RW) – 10/10 – One of my fave movies, my mom and I discovered this when I was just a kid. Two of my fave actors of all time, Malcom McDowell and David Warner as HG Wells and Jack The Ripper. No, I’m not kidding. You know that’s awesome.
318) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – 3/10 – What a waste of a movie. Shia LeBouf is not someone I’m particularly fond of and this movie reinforces that bias.
319) The Muppets Christmas Carol – 8/10 – cute musical retelling of a classic. Michael Caine and Muppets = win.
320) It’s a Wonderful Life – 10/10 – (12.25) – I’ve never seen this. No, really. (If I have, I was young enough I don’t recall it.) This was a fantastic movie.
321) Fistful of Dollars – 5/10 – Wow, what a disappointing film. Very boring.
322) 13 – 8/10 – Cast stacked full of great actors (and 50 Cent), a brutal story that, while highly enjoyable, really didn’t accomplish anything. Still, great visceral performances on the behalf of Statham, Mickey Rourke and others.
323) A Christmas Story (RW) – 10/10 – One of my Xmas traditions. Classic.
324) Black Swan – 6/10 – good movie. not great.
325) Let’s Go To Prison – 6/10 – (12.26) Actually quite amusing, though really, really silly.
326) And Soon The Darkness – 4/10 – rather meh movie about two girls in Argentina who get into trouble with the locals. Basically another “one character is so shallow and stupid that this story wouldn’t remotely work if not for that fact”
327) For a Few Dollars More (RW) – 9/10 – Lee Van Cleef totally rules this movie. Much better than Fistful. I’d only ever seen this one out of the trilogy and it’s even better than I remember.
328) Shanghai – 8/10 – interesting period piece with John Cusack, Chow Yun Fat, Ken Watanabe
329) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – 10/10 – Holy fucking shit, this movie is quite possibly the best western-ish movie of all time. It’s more than just a western, it’s a civil war movie, it’s a period piece, it’s a comedy, it’s an action movie. Wow.
330) Somewhere – 5/10 – written by Sofia Coppola, starring Stephen Dorff; not bad, but with no real sense of direction is loses much of its impact
331) Boy Eats Girl – 7/10 – (12.28) – somewhat over the top, and angsty – very Irish. 😉 an enjoyable not-quite-zombie not-quite-horror movie.
332) The Nightmare Before Christmas (RW) – 10/10 – fantastic movie. If you’ve never seen it, do.
333) Apocalypse Now – 8/10 – A great movie, really. I’d seen parts of it when I was way too young to appreciate it.
334) Black Sheep – 8/10 – best undead livestock movie, ever.
335) Zombie Town – 1/10 (12.30) – Only could sit through 20 minutes of this. Extremely low budget, but if a story is decent, you can look past it in super-low budget movies. But when things are just stupid and not remotely thought out, time to stop.
336) Zombie Wars – 1/10 – stupid, inane
337) Deadgirl – 8/10 – very, very, VERY dark and topically unsettling movie, but damn, very well done.
338) Return of the Living Dead V: Rave to the Grave – 4/10 – barely enjoyable, and I’m really not that demanding when it comes to zombie movies.
339) Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising – 10/10 – I loved the first movie but never knew the sequel had come out. This is better than the first and is really, really good. It’s a limited appeal movie – you have to be a gamer or know about gamers (RPG/table top/LARP, not video/computer) to get any of the jokes.
340) Legacy – 10/10 -(12.31) Holy shit. On the last day of the year, I see the best movie of 2010 (at least the 2010 releases that I saw.) Idris Elba and Eamonn Walker in one movie, and it’s just an amazing, intense… just wow.


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