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Predictions for 2011 | December 31, 2010

Here’s some predictions for 2011.


  • ABC will start a spinoff of one of their biggest past franchises. Things are hush-hush, but the title will be FOUND.
  • The Walking Dead, Misfits, Being Human (BBC) and Doctor Who will continue to be the best tv on air. (Torchwood counts as part of DW, of course.) They will attempt American takes on the brit shows, but the Brits, sadly, will not do The Walking Dead.


  • People will continue to bitch about the Buffy remake; nobody will go see the movie, except those who are curious because of all the wank. (I still don’t understand the hullabaloo. The movie isn’t revamping the series, but the original movie, which was a piece of shit movie. No, seriously, it had one funny part – Pee Wee’s death scene, other than that, it served only so Joss could see what would work and what wouldn’t.)
  • More vampire movies will come out, most of them will suck. People will continue to bitch about the “new” trend of vampire movies, despite the fact that there have been vampire movies released EVERY SINGLE YEAR since… at least the Hammer days in the 1970s, but probably the 1950s.


  • E-publishers will still tout the end of the book this year, as they have for the past decade.


  • There will still be bi-partisan bullshit and the sheep will continue to bleat along those party lines. People will continue to act surprised that both parties are just as corrupt, even though this has been the status quo for pretty much the entire time our country has been around. (Okay, longer.)


  • Most of it will suck, but I don’t care – DEVO released an album (yes, they’re called CDs nowadays, I don’t care) in 2010, so that’s good enough for me.


  • Bah. I’m single, lonely, unemployed, still grieving the death of my last parent. The possibility of becoming homeless is all too serious a possibility in 2011, so I’m not coming up with anything witty, silly or funny to say.

Anyhow, hope it’s a better one than 2010, cuz ’10 really was one of the worst for me.


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