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Movie List – November 2010 | December 3, 2010

Same routine as always – list of movies, rating of 1 to 10 (1-3 means sucky, 4-7 varying degrees of acceptable, 8-10 we enter the good to awesomeness.) A couple lines, not spoilery.

218) Knucklehead – 6/10 (11.1) – Nothing amazing, but a very cute movie. Typical underdog sports/competition movie. However, I’m a fan of Paul Wight (The Big Show), who is the star. So me likey.
219) Mirrors 2 – 3/10 (11.3) – Pathetic sequel to a middling movie. Don’t bother.
220) O Brother Where Art Thou (RW) – 8/10 (11.6) – A movie most excellent.
221) Planet 51 – 8/10 – Very cute and entertaining animation. Awesomely cute reversal of roles alien invasion story.
222) FleshEater – 5/10 – Very much a B-movie, this zombie story could have been much better, but it wasn’t that bad. Great ending.
223) Charlie – 8/10 – the real life story of ‘Charlie Richardson’, the head of the notorious ‘Torture gang’, this is a very good, albeit stark and graphic, British gangster tale. Solid acting, great scripting.
224) Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon – 6/10 – A short, a tie in to How To Train Your Dragon, this is nothing special but still cute and fun.
225) DeadFall Trail – 4/10 – A cheap, indy film that shot for the stars and missed. Interesting and compelling but ultimately lacking.
226) Cat City – 5/10 – A fair to middling tale of indiscretion, cheating (of various types), and murder.
227) Monsters – 9/10 – This movie was awesome and very cool. The monsters were more back-set than anything else and they went for some of the easy cliches, but other than that, this was a solid movie.
228) Ice Age 2 – 8/10 (11.7) – Almost as good as the first one, this is a solid franchise for me.
229) Passengers – 5/10 – Not bad and not too predictable, but nothing impressive.
230) The Disappearance of Alice Creed – 6/10 – A good movie, better than most; another Brit crime movie about crime gone wrong. Once the pieces start falling into place you’ll laugh and curse at the characters.
231) Ice Age 3 – 7/10 – Very cute and fun; not as good as the first two but definitely worth watching.
232) The Fall – 10/10 – This makes me want to see the director’s other movies based on this one alone. This is compelling and amazing and just wow. Also, stars Lee Pace (the pie maker from Pushing Daisies), so win.
233) The Last Rites of Ransome Pride – 5/10 – Great concept, less than great execution. A western, probably would have worked better as a 30’s or 60’s gangster film. Still, better than horrible.
234) Brazil (RW) – 10/10 (11.9) – It’s the Terry Gilliam film that even some Terry Gilliam fans don’t like/get. Personally, I think it’s amazing, it’s filled with amazing actors and an amazing script and (for the time) amazing effects. Nobody steals the show because they all steal it.
235) 4,3,2,1 – 8/10 – The first 10-20 minutes I thought I was going to hate this movie. I didn’t. It became very good. It’s directed by Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith from Doctor Who), and he plays a supporting role, too. It’s very British and very young and quirky.
236) Mr. Nobody – 7/10 (11.10) – A very neat story about the future and dying and life and the universe and so much more. Suffers a bit for it’s pretensions but still very enjoyable.
237) Locked Down – 3/10 (11.13) – I’m a sucker for prison movies and for fighting movies (ones with plot, at least), but this sucked.
238) Across the Universe – 7/10 – a musical of sorts with all Beatles’ songs. Also, a good story and good acting.
239) Ressurecting the Street Walker – 6/10 – A fictional ‘documentary’ about a guy working as a gopher with a production company who unearths and tries to finish an old horror movie that might have been a snuff film. No shockers here, but still fun to watch.
240) Fanboys – 9/10 – Okay, I’m not much of a Star Wars nut, so I was totally prepared not to like this that much. This movie is completely and utterly fun-tastic.
241) The waiting City – 5/10 – An intriguing story about an Australian couple who goes to India to adopt a child (for all the wrong reasons.)
242) The American – 5/10 – I like Clooney, but this one falls short of what it could be.
243) The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – 6/10 (11.14) – I like (most) Nicholas Cage movies. A friend of mine said this was like the Sons of Ether movie. She’s right. Even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s still a decent flick. (Totally a popcorn flick.)
244) Sword of Honor – 7/10 – Daniel Craig in an adaptation of an Evelyn Waugh book. Sometimes, the movie got confused about whether it was an absurdist dramedy or what, but solid acting saves it.
245) The Jigsaw Files (Saw fan edit) – 8/10 – a fan edit, taking all the flashback scenes from the first (six or so) movies, putting them in chronological order, with the rest of the first movie tacked on at the end. Well done and enjoyable.
246) The First Man in the Moon – 10/10 – A wonderful movie, pure and simple.
247) Torment – 4/10 – I have no idea what this movie was; need to start making notes with each flick, I guess. 😛
248) The Black Hole – 4/10 – Cheesetastic in a not-great way. Disney’s first non-G rated movie. I saw this in the theatre when I was a kid, and it’s just as bad as I remember.
249) Perfume – 5/10 (11.15) – An interesting story, but it’s pretty pretentious and gets lost in it’s own fascination with itself.
250) Rabid – 5/10 – An early David Cronenburg movie with Marilyn Chambers. Cronenburg is just obsessed with surgery gone wrong. This could be a really good movie with a modern rewriting. Oh, it’s almost a zombie flick, too.
251) Dolan’s Cadillac – 3/10 (11.21) – Man, Christian Slater will be in anything, won’t he? Based on a Stephen King story it’s about a 2 dimensional gangster and… oh, who cares?
252) Taken – 4/10 – LIke Slater, Liam Neeson will be in just about anything. This is just a waste of his talent and your time.
253) Shrek Ever After – 8/10 – A clever story, a cute franchise, I’m an easy mark.
254) Wolverine Origins – 6/10 – Hey, this wasn’t that bad. And Liev Schriber made an awesome Sabretooth. And Reynolds as Deadpool? Pretty cool.
255) As Good as Dead – 5/10 – Was there any point to this? Good cast, but damn.
256) The Shawshank Redemption (RW) – 10/10 – Is there any prison movie as good as this? No. I’m going on record. Best prison movie ever. Prove me wrong.
257) The Social Network – 6/10 (11.26) – Not bad. Not Oscar worthy or anything, but not bad.
258) The Blues Brothers (RW) – 10/10 – Is there a better movie about a blues band on a mission from God? I don’t think so. Classic.
259) Runaways – 6/10 – The story of Joan Jett and her girl band. Decently done, nothing amazing, but a good watch.
260) RED – 7/10 – This wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. It’s great, Willis and Malkovich and Mirren and Freeman are just excellent.
261) Ghostbusters (RW) – 10/10 (11.27) – One of the best fantasy-comedies of all time.
262) Ghostbusters 2 (RW) – 6/10 – Cute and fun, but seriously lacking the magic of the first.
263) American Gangster – 7/10 – Very good story, compelling and well done. I like gangster/crime stories, I like Denzel Washington, I like this sort of story and it’s well done.
264) Catfish – 5/10 (11.28) – Very meh. Nothing is surprising. It’s interesting enough to keep you watching, but I wouldn’t watch this again.
265) The Blind Side – 8/10 – Disclaimer: I’m a sucker for underdog sports stories. This is a great movie. I really enjoyed it. And cried. More than once, sucker that I am.
266) Buried – 8/10 – Considering that this entire movie is done from within the coffin, this is a great movie.
267) Resevoir Dogs (RW) – 10/10 – When QT is on the money, he is on the money. This is a great character film. Great cast, wonderful dialogue. A bit light on story and plot, but that’s not what it’s about.
268) Despicable Me – 9/10 – Wow. I so didn’t think this would be half as good as it turned out to be.
269) Machete – 7/10 (11.28) – Cheesy, offensive, gratuitous – all intentionally so, so it scores well. If you didn’t say “I wish that were a real movie” when it was a fake trailer for Grindhouse, then you shouldn’t bother seeing this movie. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, you probably won’t like this.

Best movies of the month – Ghostbusters, The Fall, Shawshank Redemption, Resevoir Dogs and The Blues Brothers
Worst movie – Dolan’s Cadillac
Surprises – The Fall, Despicable Me, Fanboys


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