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Jalapeno Mushroom Cheesesteak and Tater Tots | November 28, 2010


Tonight for dinner, I made me some cheesesteak.

“Recipe” – I don’t do traditional recipes. But you’ll need 6 slices of Boar’s Head Horseradish Cheddar cheese, 6 slices of thin sliced frozen steak (Steak-Umm or whatever brand you like), 4-6 oz of chopped mushrooms and the same amount of diced jalapeno and half of a french bread loaf.

On med-high, cook your jalapeno and mushrooms in oil. Break up the frozen Steak-Umms and dump into the pan. Once the meat’s about halfway done, tear apart the cheese and drop into the pan, turning frequently. Once it’s a gooey, melty mess, it’s ready. Place on bun and have some tater tots with it. Yum, me!


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