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Movies watched in October 2010 | November 9, 2010

A list of the movies (and some tv shows) watched during Oct 2010 – a few lines of review/discussion in a non-spoilery fashion.

176) Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho – 7/10 (10.2) – Documentary on the career of Chris Jericho. Nothing really new to me, as I’ve read his first autobio (and looking forward to the sequel next year), but enjoyable.
177) From Paris With Love – 6/10 (10.4) – I really wanted to like this movie more, but it seemed like Travolta (and the script) was trying too hard.
178) Push – 4/10 (10.4) – I wonder if I liked this more than I think I did. Another case of a movie trying too hard to be too cool.
179) Ondine – 6/10 (10.5) – Alison Barry as the daughter in the wheelchair and Tony Curran (known for Richard in THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH and Vincent van Gogh in DOCTOR WHO) steal the show.
180) Nazi Dawn – INC (10.8) – Skip this one. Lance Henriksen will play in anything, won’t he?
181) Peacock – 5/10 (10.8) – This is one of those that favours story over plot. Not always to its strength.
182) The Last Airbender – 5/10 (10.9) – I didn’t think this was as horrible as the hype. It was completely run of the mill, but not horrible. Granted, I’ve never seen the source material.
183) The Believers (RW)– 8/10 (10.9) – One of my all time favourites, the late 80s horror tale of voodoo and family. Good stuff. Martin Sheen rocks.
184) Terror of Frankenstein – INC (10.13) – God it was dull I didn’t even pay attention and still hated it.
185) Snatch (RW) – 10/10 (10.13) – Statham and Pitt steal this movie, in a movie full of scene-stealing.
186) Killers – INC (10.14) – I have yet to enjoy an Ashton Kutcher movie outside of The Butterfly Effect. I don’t know why I keep trying them. Katherine Heigl is vapid and as wooden a performer as Keanu Reeves on a bad day.
187) The Fisher King (RW) – 8/10 (10.15) – Delightfully strange movie. Terry Gilliam movies are awesome. Bridges and Williams are just brutally funny and sardonic.
188) How To Train Your Dragon – 10/10 (10.15) – It’s cute and schmaltzy, but it achieves to do everything it set out to do. It’s really a wondefully endearing film.
189) Revolver – 9/10 (10.16) – I can see why this movie wasn’t popular. It’s not like Lock, Stock or Snatch. It’s bizarre and pretentious (yes, they were, as well, but in a different way). It’s also wonderfully symbolic and convoluted.
190) American Movie – 5/10 (10.17) – I’ve always wanted to see it, have never gotten around to it, finally did and it was okay.
191) Rise – 4/10 (10.17) – Extremely meh vampire “thriller”.
192) The Unborn – 4/10 (10.20) – Yawn.
193) Toy Story (RW) – 10/10 (10.23) – Lovely movie.
194) Toy Story 2 – 9/10 (10.23) – Hey, almost as good as the original, that’s unexpected.
195) Toy Story 3 – 10/10 (10.23) – I was very, very impressed with this. It was delightful.
196) And Justice For All – 7/10 (10.23) – A strangely paced movie, with some components that just didn’t make sense. (Like the judge and the helicopter, it was like they just wanted to have that scene in a movie and stuck it in this one. But, despite that, still a compelling story. Excellent acting.
197) The Quick and the Dead (RW) – 6/10 (10.24) – it’s a cheeseball of a western, but I like it.
198) Confessions of a Superhero – 6/10 (10.25) – Interesting documentary on the ‘actors’ who walk the street in Hollywood, focusing on four who do superheroes – Hulk, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.
199) Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (RW) – 4/10 (10.28) – I saw this in the theatre and liked it better, then. Think the bigger screen suited it.
200) The Bride (RW) – 10/10 (10.29) – Halloween Movie Marathon pt 1 (now on referred to as HMM), the 80’s Gothic retelling of The Bride of Frankenstein. David Rappaport and Clancy Brown steal the movie, though Jennifer Beals, Sting and Cary Elwes do a fine job.
201) [REC] – 9/10 (10.29) – Delightfully funny and scary movie. Is Spain known for their horror films? I need to look into more. HMM pt 2
202) The Fly (1986) (RW) – 7/10 (10.30) – Almost campy in how serious it takes itself, this is a highly enjoyable remake of the classic The Fly. Jeff Bridges and Geena Davis delight. HMM #3
203) The Omen (1976) (RW) – 10/10 – HMM #4 – Probably my most favourite classic horror movie.
204) Damien: The Omen II (RW) – 8/10 – a strong follow-up to the first. Very creepy. HMM #5
205) Omen III: The Final Conflict (RW) – 7/10 – The horror is thrown out the window but the religious thriller is a solid ending to the trilogy. HMM #6
206) In the mouth of Madness (RW) – 6/10 – HMM #7 No matter how hard O’neill tries, this movie can only be so good. It’s good enough to watch, so certainly not a waste.
207) Night of the Demons – 6/10 – I believe this is a recent remake, and while it’s nothing extraordinary, it’s certainly a fun enough watch. HMM #8
208) The Crow (RW) – 10/10 – This is in my top 5 movies of all time, and a suitable selection for HMM #9
209) Devil’s Playground – 8/10 – Very, very enjoyable zombie-esque movie. I do like movies in London set in post-apoc, so that helps. HMM #10
210) Alien (RW) – 10/10 (10.31) – Probably my favourite SciFi Horror film. HMM #11 rocks.
211) Aliens (RW) – 8/10 – I know most people like this one best. It’s a good movie, but the first was better. HMM #12
212) Mirrors – 6/10 – I had hoped more from this movie as Keifer is an actor I really like. It’s good, but they seem to avoid any cohesion in the mythology of the mirrors. Great ending, though. HMM #13
213) The Bleeding – 5/10 – one of those movies that try too hard to be too many things and mire in mediocrity as a result. Even Michael Madsen doesn’t help this movie escape mid-level.
214) Case 39 – 6/10 – Enjoyable enough, but nothing special. Even with McShane in it.
215) Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated – 6/10 – A revision of the movie with the visuals done in various forms of animation, from art over the original video to sock puppets and comic book panels. Well done but some of the pieces were inferior to the rest and the abstract pieces did not contribute to the enjoyment.
216) Rocky Horror Picture Show (RW) – 10/10 – I love this movie, even without the audience participation.


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