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Insurance commercials is funny business? | October 25, 2010

Okay, for years, GEICO has been king of the entertaining insurance commercials, first with the Cavemen, then with the Gecko. They’ve been doing it and doing it well.

Recently, I’ve seen a couple State Farm commercials, one with a lounge singer and another with a guy talking fake Italian. (I think it’s the same guy in both commercials?) Also, Allstate has moved on from Dennis Haysbert‘s wonderful bass voice to one of my favourite actors from HBO’s Oz, Dean Winters, as “Mayhem”.

I am amazed that they took so long to get the idea that GEICO was rocking the funny commercials and jump in… and I’m so amazed that State Farm has such a completely unfunny approach and Allstate is rocking with Dean Winters. There is nothing remotely funny about the State Farm commercials… but then a lot of people think if you do/say something completely stupid, that’s humour. (Example: the Jackass franchise.)

Couldn’t find any of the State Farm commercials; I’ve seen them on Hulu (sorry, I don’t have a TV.)

Anyhow, just kind of a ramble.


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