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Good Halloween movie recommendations? | October 22, 2010

What are your iconic Halloween or Horror movies?

For Halloween this year, I’m going to be doing a weekend (or longer) marathon of movies (I’m open to miniseries, I suppose).

So far I have: Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Omen trilogy (the original movies of course), In the Mouth of Madness, Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, Devil’s Playground. I’m really looking for either a movie that I’ve never seen or haven’t seen in a while. I’m not really looking to do any slasher flicks (though I love them), unless you’ve got one that’s way out of the public eye.

I’d love some foreign recommendations. (Yes, I’ve seen Let The Right One In, though I am half-tempted to add that if I can’t find a good vampire flick.)

But right now, I have spoof (RHPS), demonic (Omen), zombies (NOTLD:R, Devil’s Playground), and extra-dimensional/Cthulhu-esque (ITMOM). I need vampire, werewolf, ghost/spiritual (though none of that Paranormal Activity/Haunting of Connecticut nonsense), and um… whatever else you can think of.

Help a brother out.


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