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Movies/shows watched in September 2010 | October 2, 2010

A list of the movies and complete seasons/miniseries watched during this past month, with a couple lines (non-spoilery) of thought on each…

141) Underbelly Series 2 – 7/10 (8.31-9.1) – The 2nd series of the Australian crime drama (based on true events), this one focuses on the 70s and the heroin trade. Strong story, strong acting, excellent storytelling.

142) Underbelly Series 3 – 9/10 (9.2-9.3) – I think this, so far, is my favourite of the Underbelly series. Set primarily in the 90s, is about rival factions on a small strip of clubs, restaurants and drug dealers.

143) Batman: Under the Red Hood – 5/10 (9.4) Not all that great. Not bad, but not that great. At least they didn’t go with the punching the crystal imprisonment changed reality bullshit from the comics.

144) Obsessed – 5/10 (9.4) Wow, this could have been so much better. I guess the female stalker story can only be told so many ways. Idris Elba, one of my new favourite actors, does fine, but the script is just mediocre.

145) The Rise and Fall of WCW – 8/10 (9.4) Interesting (albeit one-sided, though they are fairly honest about how things went down – guess history IS written by the winners, baby) documentary on WCW and its rise to glory and fall.

146) Godzilla: Final Wars – 7/10 (9.5) A decent story, Godzilla has to fight his way through a series of his enemies and allies (the latter taken over by aliens) in an enjoyable romp and stomp.

147) 28 Weeks Later (RW)– 7/10 (9.6) Yes, I’ve seen this before – that’s what (RW) denotes, it’s a rewatch. One of my favourite, if not my favourite, zombie movies. (Yes, I know they’re not really zombies.) Gripping, horrific, bloody, interesting, exciting and frustrating.

148) Ricky Steamboat: The Life Story of the Dragon – 8/10 (9.7) Documentary on the life and career of one of the greatest of all time. I can’t say I learned a whole lot, but I did learn a little about the earlier parts of his career.

149) Valhalla Rising – 4/10 (9.8) Wow, this just had no real point to it. Pretentious and so far off the mark. Was there a point to this? A moral of some sort?

150) Mad Men season 1 – 8/10 (various days) I’ve already discussed this series in a separate blog post, so I’ll just say that this is a strong start to a strong series.

151) Mad Men season 2 – 7/10 (various days) Enjoyable – not as good as the 1st season, or the 3rd, but still worth watching. My irritation with certain characters really heightens here, but it’s saved by the historic elements and the sense of realism.

152) They Live (RW) – 10/10 (9.11) – I love this movie. This was the last movie I saw in a theatre with my brother (I think – don’t recall if he was at Dances with Wolves with the family or not…), and is special to me for that, plus it’s an awesome scifi action flick with Keith David and Roddy Piper. (My brother’s still alive, we just don’t do stuff together and haven’t for a long time… we’re on decent terms and all, this movie just stands out to me because of how we’ve grown apart.)

153) Mad Men season 3 – 9/10 (various days) – I think this is my favourite season, mostly for the historical and dramatic developments.

154) Robin Hood [2010] – 5/10 (9.13) Good. Not great, but good. Enjoyable, a couple little spins on the old tale. Certainly leaps and bounds better than Prince of Thieves.

155) Pandemic – INC (9.13) Wow, this was so bad I couldn’t even watch more than 30-40 minutes. Pass. Avoid at all costs.

156) Harry Brown – 5/10 (9.15) Mediocre, and that’s surprising considering the cast. I just felt this story was very meh.

157) Evil’s City – INC (9.15) I almost fell asleep watching this crap fest.

158) The Wrath of Cain – 6/10 (9.15) Well done prison drama, and is a true story at that. Has a message and one that is worth it. Some of the acting isn’t great, some of the pacing and editing could have been done better, but still enjoyable and worth watching.

159) Glorious 39 – 4/10 (9.16) Good lord, they bungled this film. had a great sounding premise, even has David Tennant (in a small but important role), but by the end of the film I was just fed up with it.

160) Bloodsuckers – 5/10 (9.17) Actually, not as bad as I expected it to be. Vampires in space and the team who hunts them. That’s just awesomely cheesetastic… and it does have some stupid moments. Like the chest-burster scene (I’ll leave it at that.) Yanno, this could be a really good tv show, with some serious rewriting done. Hmmm…

161) Sin City (RW) – 10/10 (9.18) Love this movie. Can’t wait for the next two.

162) Downstream – 5/10 (9.18) An indy film that shoots for the stars and misses? Who’dathunkit?

163) Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street – 7/10 (9.18) Best new zombie film I’ve seen probably all year. This was very indy, very low budget and a lot of fun. Sure it has its flaws (I did say indy and low budget, right?) but it’s a lot of fun and totally worth watching.

164) The Ghost Writer – 4/10 (9.18) Snoozefest. Couldn’t be bothered to care. No emotional investment in the characters, plot was contrived. Piss poor writing. Great actors, but they can only do so much with a shitty script.

165) Flyboys – 5/10 (9.20) Mediocre, typical Hollywood “historical drama”. Lots of schmaltz, lots of leeway taken with history. But, the acting is decent, the characterisation is good and the fight scenes are enjoyable.

166) The Traveler – 3/10 (9.20) Crap, crap, crap. (And, wow, Val Kilmer got fat.) There was no drama to this because they tell you the closest thing to a thrilling secret about 30 minutes into the story… so the rest of it is just waiting for the inevitable to happen. Lame.

167) Pirate Radio USA – 8/10 (9.25) Interesting documentary about Pirate Radio, notably on the West Coast scene and in the 90s. Learned some interesting facts about the pirate radio/FCC/etc drama.

168) The Other Side – 6/10 (9.25) Pretty well done indy supernatural-ish action drama; guy dies, escapes from “the pit” (Hell) to come back and find his girlfriend, or what happened to her. Some of the drama is stunted, some of it really didn’t work for me, but still enjoyable overall.

169) The Expendables – 4/10 (9.25) I guess it is what it is. Personally, I was bored.

170) The Princess Bride (RW) – 10/10 (9.26) Most excellent movie. Touching, silly, exciting, fun.

171) 30 Days of Night (RW) – 8/10 (9.26) A solid vampires as the monster movie. (No sparkling.) Neat concept, great f/x, decent story, decent acting.

172) Planes, Trains and Automobiles (RW) – 10/10 (9.26) – A wonderful movie, comedy and drama in a mix that most romcoms wish they could achieve. One of my all time fave movies.

173) 30 Days of Night: Dark Days – 7/10 (9.26) – A decent follow-up to 30 Days of Night; some of the plot really doesn’t work for me, but makes it up in great action, decent drama and a WONDERFUL ending.

174) The Last Seven – 5/10 (9.29) – Again, an indy movie that aims big and misses. This could be a much better story with a better cast and a rewrite and some sense of pacing.

175) Lie To Me Season 1 – 8/10 (various days) – I love Tim Roth. So I’ve always wanted to see this show. It’s good. It’s almost great. The basic conceit, and so much that goes with it, is just unrealistic. If you have ANY idea of how the criminal justice system in the US works, you have to check reality at the door. That being said, it’s very well done and the cast is amazing. Tim Roth, yo. And Jennifer Beals in the last several episodes (who is smoking hot, plus a good actress)… and everyone else is really well-done, too. Good sense of dramatic pacing… definitely going to watch season 2.

Wow, 35 shows/movies watched this month. Not bad. On track for 200 for the year and then some.


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