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Teen accidentaly shoots himself in the head | September 25, 2010

Commentary: This is likely going to be unpopular with the bleeding hearts out there, but this is the parents’ fault, and the kid’s fault.

1) If you have a gun in your house, two things – a) It should never be in the open with ammunition in it. Period. There is no argument to this. b) Your children should be educated enough to know not to play with it, or handle it without making sure that the safety (if there is one) is engaged AND that there is no ammunition in it.

2) Anyone who plays with a gun, puts it to their head AND pulls the trigger DESERVES to be shot in the head. End of.

Yes, it’s a “tragedy”. Hopefully the kid will live and not have severe brain damage, because if he lives, I hope he’ll have enough brain power to learn a lesson here.

Comments on the CFNEWS 13 website are ricockulous. Someone suggested that the schools should teach Gun Safety. WHAT THE FUCK? What about the PARENTS? What about COMMON FUCKING SENSE. I didn’t grow up with guns, though my Dad did have one, it was in a locked box in the master bedroom, and my brother and I weren’t even aware that it was there… but I still knew enough NOT TO PLAY WITH GUNS.

I repeat, anyone who PLAYS WITH GUNS DESERVES WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM. At least he didn’t shoot someone else who wasn’t playing with the gun. Now that would truly be a tragedy. This way, only the moron got shot. And the family, well, I hope they are blaming themselves.

(And even if the gun wasn’t the family’s gun… still, they should blame themselves for raising a moron.)


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