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My 9/11 post | September 11, 2010

I’m not going to go on or nothing. Short and sweet.

I don’t need to say why this day is important – this was a world changing day for many, many people.

Don’t forget, never forget… but don’t use this as an excuse to justify your bigotry, your hatred, your intolerance. Don’t hate all Muslims for the actions of several handfuls of radicals. Don’t hate all Arabs for the actions of a terrorist organization.

You want to hate someone, hate Osama Bin Laden, that rich boy piece of donkey shit. Hate his lieutenants, hate the stupid people who follow him because they are blinded by their own hate.

Also, you won’t find a flag outside my house today, you won’t find a patriotic spiel on my blog or anywhere else. But don’t hate me for not being patriotic. Fuck you, I say. I don’t need to wave a flag to prove my patriotism… if you want to, more power to you, but don’t judge me for not toeing your line.

This country once took pride on that we were a nation of individuals. Why don’t we, any more?


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