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Movies (and some telly) watched in August 2010 | September 1, 2010

Here’s a list of the movies, miniseries, and complete seasons of shows that I watched during the month of August 2010, with a few lines/thoughts for each one.

111) Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths – 4/10 (8.4) – Another weak, watered down retelling of a classic story. Sad, sad, sad.

112) The A-Team – 5/10 (8.4) – Enjoyable, silly, immature.

113) Andre the Butcher – 2/10 (8.5) – wow, this was crap. Couldn’t even finish it. Only watched it because I was in a mock jury with one of the actresses.

114) The Last Enemy (miniseries) – 5/10 (8.5) – A stumbling story that seems to lose touch with what it’s trying to do. Benedict Umberlach, who plays Sherlock Holmes in the new Sherlock show, does a good job.

115) Serenity – 8/10 (8.7) – (Rewatch) – Having finally watched the entire series of Firefly, figured it would be good to end it with Serenity. Very good, well done, a lot of fun.

116) Dog Day Afternoon – 6/10 (8.9) – A bit slow, and all the surprises were long spoiled, but a well-crafted story.

117) Shelter – 7/10 (8.9) – More of a supernatural thriller than a psychological one, though it seems to come across as one on the case and in the beginning of the story. I liked it.

118) Bananaz – 5/10 (8.9) – Weak ‘documentary’ about the Gorillaz. Poorly edited audio – half the time, it’s very hard to grasp what they’re saying in the dialogue.

119) Citizen X – 8/10 (8.10) – HBO docudrama about Russia’s most notorious serial killer. Understated but excellent story. Good cast, good acting.

120) Death at a Funeral (2010) – 7/10 (8.11) – Silly, juvenile, but a lot of fun.

121) Scott Pilgrim vs The World – 5/10 (8.13) – Very mediocre story. Michael Cera cannot act. fights were entertaining as hell, special effects and music and the comic book tropes, all very fun. Kieran Culkin and Alison Pill steal the show.

122) After Life – 4/10 (8.13) – Liam Neeson can sure pick some crappy films.

123) Ghostwood – 4/10 (8.15) – This movie would be very good with a total rewrite.

124) Death at a Funeral (2007) – 7/10 (8.15) – The original, I was amazed at how similar the two movies were – the scripts are almost exactly the same. Some of the portrayals of this were better, some of the American were better.

125) Five Days (miniseries) – 6/10 (8.15-16) – A british cop drama/investigation, five episodes, each one day out of an almost year long investigation into the disappearance of a woman. Very good, though the ending seemed rather disproportionate to the rest of the story. It was like they wrote it without knowing what the solution to the mystery was and struggled to come up with one.

126) Prophecy IV – 2/10 (8.17) – Complete and utter crap. Wasn’t even a story, made no sense, there was no plot development, too much dialogue in Romanian with no subtitles… whoever thought this was a good idea needs their ass kicked.

127) The 4th Dimension – 6/10 (8.17) – good movie, but didn’t live up to its pretentions.

128) Salt – 4/10 (8.18) – wow, there was very little to enjoy about this movie.

129) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time – 3/10 (8.20) – Crap. Very pretty crap, but crap.

130) The Killer Inside Me – 5/10 (8.22) – Casey Affleck should stop getting leading men roles, because he’s not suited for it.

131) Centurion – 6/10 (8.22) – Enjoyable but pretty shallow.

132) Luther series one – 9/10 (various days) – Wacky and over the top, not remotely realistic, but crazy good storytelling. Idris Elba just rules.

133) The Lost Room miniseries – 6/10 (8.26-27) – Highly enjoyable story, but really didn’t make a whole lot of sense, there was no real resolution.

134) American Grindhouse – 8/10 (8.28) – Documentary on American exploitation films and grindhouse fare and their relation to “mainstream” films. Quite good.

135) The Experiment – 6/10 (8.28) – A watered down remake of Das Experiment, which was a fictionalised version of the Stanford Prison Experiment. In this one, Adrien Brody and Forrest Whittaker do decent jobs – this is fun but don’t expect any depth from it.

136) Splice – 3/10 (8.28) – Crap. Shite. The only reason I scored it a 3 was for the enjoyment I got at laughing at the scenes that were supposed to be dramatic, horrific and sexy. Adrien Brody, like Liam, can pick some shitty films to be in. The two main characters were horrible people that I would rather see beat with baseball bats than trying to be “parents”.

137) 28 Days Later – 10/10 (8.29) – Wonderful movie. A rewatch, obviously. Just epic and tragic and stark and touching and thrilling.

138) The Pillars of the Earth – 8/10 (various days) – I can’t say how closely it followed the book, as it’s been many years, but I found the series very enjoyable. MacFayden and McShane rule the show, though honestly, there isn’t a poorly acted character. The sets and costumes were phenomenal.

139) Underbelly Series 1 – 9/10 (8.29-8.30) – Very catchy, flashy, stylish story based on the true gang war that broke out in Australia in the late 90s through mid 2000s. They give everyone a good dose of humanity, especially the bad guys – it’s too easy to make bad guys shallow facades and they (like other great shows in this vein) don’t do that, but make them altogether very human.

140) Serpico – 7/10 (8.31) – Highly enjoyable, albeit unevenly paced, story of Frank Serpico, NY cop who fought against police corruption in the early 70s. Al Pacino rocks this movie.


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